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How do I get fit (toned) with out getting more skinny?

I think I’m fine not fat at all but I had a baby so of course I am not in the best shape. Luckly I didn’t gain any weight but I did get a bit of a stomach but I don’t know how to lose that without losing weight if I do i’ll look like a stick! how can i get toned without losing weight? thanks

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4 Responses to “How do I get fit (toned) with out getting more skinny?”

  1. Bombshell Bodhisattva said :

    Be sure to eat plenty of protein (to support lean muscle mass) and to carbo load before you lift weights. I would do low weights with high reps to gain definition without adding bulk.

  2. Ahj A said :

    work out alot

  3. ImBack said :

    Lift a lot of weights, and eat a lot of protein.


  4. Evelin Wessendorf said :

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