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How do I burn belly fat quickly and get a six pack?

I am 16 years old 5′ 11″ and weigh 160 and in pretty good shape but I cant seem to loss my belly fat. I do 3-4 miles a day and then work on my core for about 15 minutes. I am losing weight but no belly fat and i’ve heard high intensity intervals is better at burning belly fat. If possible I need a way to lose about 3-4 pounds in belly fat in 2 weeks.

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2 Responses to “How do I burn belly fat quickly and get a six pack?”

  1. Steven J Campbell said :

    Hey Seth,

    There is unfortunately no way to spot train or lose fat in only one spot, however there are ways to tone up overall and get “cut”
    For men, the last fat they lose is always the stomach, but you need to lost fat everywhere else before your abs will start to really show.

    I am an independent coach with beach body who makes p90x and insanity which are muscle building and fat loss programs.
    If you use them and stick to them you will see huge results, they really work.

    INSANITY is an absolutely intense program that I can tell you will rip you into shape and FAST.
    You are completely right about high intensity Intreval training and INSANITY is a sixty day program done at home that only needs you, and shoes. No fancy weights or gimmicks and it uses plyometrics to really work your body and all muscle groups every workout.

    You will tone, strenghthen and become stronger, and will get abs… I can pretty much guarantee it as long as you stick to the diet and just play play (it’s a DVD program) six days a week!

    Trust me, It works.

    Crash and fad diets only serve to drain your body of carbs or water and not fat. Yes the scale moves but it isn’t fat loss.

    Beware of them.
    You may contact me at the site below with any other questions.

  2. ec123456789able said :

    you need to do cardio and sit ups to strengthen your core. you also need a healthy diet eg. no processed food, no alcohol, plety of fruit and veg, meat, fish poultry etc. about 70% of the way your body looks is down to diet, the other 30% of it is exercise.


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