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how can you lose upper arm fat fast?

i have small lower arms but my upper arms have devoloped alot of saggy fat. gross i know. but anyways does anyone know a daily exersize i can do to get rid of them fast? thanks.

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One Response to “how can you lose upper arm fat fast?”

  1. winnie2228 said :

    It won’t be fast that is for sure, but there are exercises that will help. With weights 3-5lbs.

    1- Bring arms straight above head and move arms slowly behind head, bring the weights down to the base of the neck.

    2- Another is arm curls with weights, from the side bring arms up into curled position.

    3- Another is to stand with arm at side with weight in hand. Bring arm straight back with arm straight the entire time. Hope these help!

    ************I have included a link for a great site. Look at these specific excercises…..******************
    Dumbbell Kickback (which I described in #3)
    Triceps Extensions (which I described in #1)


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