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How can I make my legs slimmer?

I want to have slimmer legs, I no diet alone or exercise alone wont work, but was just wondering what exercises are best for this? In particular my inner thighs. Anyone know of any good exercise gadgets too for this? I want toning exercises I can do at home.

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2 Responses to “How can I make my legs slimmer?”

  1. surf bum said :

    1. Wall Squats

    These effectively replace doing squats with weights at a gym. They are actually better for your legs if you’re not looking to build muscle, but instead looking to shape your thigh muscles and slim your legs.

    Find a wall. Lean your back straight against it so it’s flat against the wall. Move your feet out from the wall about 18 inches. Then, depending on which part of your thighs you want to work (inner or outter), you will place your feet either 12 inches apart or 30 inches apart.

    If you want to work your inner thighs, put your feet 30 inches apart. If you want to work your outter thighs, put your feet about 12 inches apart.

    Then all you do is squat down so that your upper thighs are BELOW parallel to the ground. Don’t cheat this movement. For the best results, you need to go down deep into the squat. Not only is that better for your legs, but it’s better for your butt and it’s actually safer for your knees.

    Do 4 sets of at least 10 reps every few days.

    2. Walk up and down stairs

    If you live in a 1 story house, then this may be a problem. But if you live in a 2 story house or whatever, then just walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes non-stop.

    Yeah, this is probably unbelievably boring for most people, but do it anyway. I give you permission to skip going to the gym each day you do this. The key is you do this non-stop… 10 minute straight. Do this 5 times a week and you’ll notice results in less than 12 days.

    These are 2 great leg exercises for women that can be done easily and quickly… and get you the results you want… FAST.

  2. Raya-x said :

    Getting slim legs is not an overnight process; a dedicated diet and exercise regimen will help you reach your goal of slim legs by burning fat, toning muscles, and improving the overall appearance of the legs.
    First, remember that losing fat from any area takes time as fat loss is displaced throughout the body, regardless of the location on which exercise is focused.
    There are two main ways to exercise: for size and strength, and for tone and endurance. Both will burn fat, but the latter is far better for size reduction.
    The legs are the focus of dozens of possible workouts, the most basic of which are walking, jogging, and running. More effective and higher impact workouts include biking, elliptical exercise, toe lifts, leg lifts, and squats. Regardless of the exercise, the key to losing weight and getting slimmer legs is dedication: regular exercise and a consistent healthy diet. And obviously, you have to burn more calories than you take in.
    Biking is a great low impact workout that focuses on muscle toning and fat burning. Biking is an effective lower-body activity which can be performed for extended periods of time – ideal for slimming your legs.
    Toe lifts are a very easy and highly effective exercise that focuses on the calves. Begin by standing up straight with the feet at shoulder-length apart. Use a chair or other sturdy object for balance. With your legs, perform the motion of a jump, but instead of leaving the floor, end in a position of standing on your toes. Return to the start position and repeat for several repetitions.
    There are a few ways to perform leg lifts, but one method involves lying on your back and – as their name would indicate – lifting your legs. You can lift both legs from a flat position into a crunch position or raise one leg at a time to a 90 degree angle; to get the most out of leg lifts, raise your legs slowly and bring them back down slowly.
    Engage in a regular workout routine with one or more of these exercises in combination with a healthy balanced diet, and over time, you will develop more toned, slimmer legs.


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