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Can anyone give me a DETAILED dieting plan and exercise plan to get from a 28 inch waist to a 24 inch?

I really want to be a six 6 so i want a 24inch waist and an 35 inchs hip i need some help and a healthy diet and excersize plan can help me as i dont know how to reach my goal

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7 Responses to “Can anyone give me a DETAILED dieting plan and exercise plan to get from a 28 inch waist to a 24 inch?”

  1. pitbullperson204 said : search for GM diet..its the general motors diet..if you can stick to it it really does work..i lost 11 pounds in a week and a half, and was not hungry and did not get sick. plus i excersized Billy’s boot camp and lost 4 inches in 3 weeks

  2. Jimmy The Owl said :

    28inch is skinny enough for anyone, my waist doesn’t even go below 34inch when i haven’t got any fat on me.

  3. F♥A♥ said :

    its mostly just eating better and exercising more just dont hurt your body. and consider consulting a professional

  4. Sarah said :

    where do u live
    is its america then u will be smaller than a size … u will be a 4
    if its in the uk i wont be a 6 sorry

    my measurements r
    34-24-34 (perfect hour glass figure)
    n im a 8 sometimes a 6 (uk size/2-4 us size)

  5. autozumbi6666 said :





    Thursday: throw up @ about noon

    Friday: 3-4 lines of cocaine per party

    Saturday: 4-6 lines of cocaine per party

    Hope this helps!

  6. Yessenia said :

    Start by controlling the way you eat. Try to eat 6 times a day or just cut what your eating in half. Try this first. Drink a lot of water when your hungry. Wait about 15min then eat a reduced amount of food that you usually eat. In the mornings its okay to eat fatty foods but go lighter throughout the day. Don’t eat anything heavy around 7 or 8 I would say. Oh an important thing to remember is to not go to sleep after eating. I bet sometimes you feel sleepy after eating heavy or eating anything in general. When you sleep after eating you didn’t let your body finish digestion properly. Wait about 30min at least if your really tired. Now exercise. It really depends on you. If your the type that loves music then you can dance while cleaning your house. Cleaning and dancing are two good ways to easily lose weight. If your the aggressive type. Try doing some type of martial arts or boxing. If you can’t then just throw punches and kicks around your house. Throw some knees in there as well. The fastest way to lose weight is to do some cardio exercises like walking, jogging, and eventually running. It burns calories, sugar, and fat the quickest. The key to all of this is to being continuous. Don’t stop. Take like two breaks during the week. Like workout mon, tue, and wed. Then take a break in thu. workout fri and sat, but take a break on sun. Don’t push yourself too hard because if you get sour you might not continue. Good luck. who knows maybe you’ll be able to lose even more!!!

  7. NikkiBay8 said :

    Dude, 28 inches is small enough.


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