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Does Kellogs Slimmer Jeans diet work?

Apparently eating 2 bowls of Special K and one healthy meal a day. And doing a good amount of exercise will help you lose weight in two weeks..

Basically, I want to know if it will actually work or if it’s just a sly way of making you buy their product?

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7 Responses to “Does Kellogs Slimmer Jeans diet work?”

  1. KiKi ♥ said :

    Diet doesn’t work for everyone. I was eating very healthy and I didn’t lose a single pound. The only thing that works for me is exercise.

  2. sayitasitis said :

    NO diet works. Eat less, exercise more and you will loose weight, its not rocket science.

  3. gratefulearthdesigns said :

    I haven’t tried it, but on paper it’s good. The amount of calories you would consume is low enough to help you lose weight in conjunction with exercise. It is definitely a way to get you to buy their product though, because you could easily replace the two bowls of cereal with any healthy, low cal alternative and get the same results. Bottom line, if you love cereal its the diet for you, if not.. try going to a website that helps you keep track of and plan out the calories you consume in a day. I recently found and swear by it… it is free, super helpful, and has no downsides (that I can see so far).

  4. Jess Click said :

    Yeah. I’ve lost 6lbs after just under two weeks of the diet. Everything has been fine, I think the main way it works is by making you feel more full after eating it. Check out the website and they give a list of the third daily meals and more detail about the diet itself. Id recommend to anyone. Im not particularly overweight, but just wanted to loose weight after christmas. I quite like the cereal itself now. Very addictive.

  5. piggle said :

    some people at my work tried it a while back, cereal for breakfast and lunch and normal meal in evening and (as far as I know they didn’t cheat and stuff themselves with food in the evening) and not one of them lost a pound but went around complaining of hunger pains for 2 weeks. (Thats why I think no cheating – if not then very realistic groaning and hoilding of tummies). So i’d say no it doesn’t. You may lose some but sheer hunger from only eating cereal for 2 meals a day will make you slip up anyway.

    Try weightwatchers, I found the humiliation of being weighed in front of old ladies curbed my appetite and I was only after losing a stone or so.

  6. Hayley H said :

    Well think about it logically and you can answer your own question

    Bowl of Special K around – 135 calories
    Bowl of Special K around – 135 calories
    Healthy meal – 500 calories

    That is only 770 calorie intake a day
    average intake is around 2000-2500 depending on sex

    so you’re loosing AT LEAST 1000-1500 calories a day. On top of exercise you’re looking at more calories.

    It takes 3000 calories per pound to burn, so in 2 days you can shift 1 pound. Within a week you could be looking at 3-4 pounds lost.

  7. Abigail said :

    it WILL work but its likely to be temporary as whn you start eating normally again you will go back to your normal weight


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