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when you diet or exercise to lose weight, do you have to keep your diet/exercise routine like that forever?

if you go on a diet that cuts out certain foods, does that mean that if you start to bring those into your diet after you’ve lost the weight will you put the weight back on?
same with exercise, say you did 10 crunches a day and 30 mintues of running, would you have to carry on doing that everyday even after you’ve lost the weight or if not would you put the weight back on?

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8 Responses to “when you diet or exercise to lose weight, do you have to keep your diet/exercise routine like that forever?”

  1. ironpump said :

    Maybe keep your diet similar to that to keep the abs and keep the fat off. You can take a day or two to indulge in your delicious treats that you crave but don’t go all out then its back to dieting hey its way to easy to look bad but its a challenge to look good if it was easy then everyone would look good.

  2. Casey said :

    It’s wise if you maintain the exercise to keep yourself in shape. Maybe not as intensive but at least you’re working out. As for your food, it’s ok if you eat them once in a while, it wont put you any heavier if indulged once in a blue moon.

  3. susie03 said :

    Yes, which is why most diets fail. The only way to keep the weight off permanently is to change the way you eat and keep up the exercise forever. This is why low calorie eating plans and fad diets never work long term as they are simply unsustainable. A healthy diet allows for treats and lapses and meals out – ie a proper life, and regular exercise has been proved to increase your life by an average of 14 years.

  4. mazza said :

    If you have gone overboard with the dieting and exercise, for example cutting out food groups and exercising most of the day 7 days a week, then you are setting yourself up for failure.
    Because everything is in excess it is a shock to your body’s system, and yes you it may result in fast weight loss, but it is harder to maintain it.

    You won’t necessarily put all the weight back on but it is more likely to creep up a little because your body will have to adjust to the change again.

    The best way to do it is CHANGE your lifestyle for the better, and that just means eating healthily and leading an active lifestyle. This can include simply eating in moderation and walking more and taking the stairs and any extra exercise that you do is a bonus. This allows your body to find it’s own sense of equilibrium and reach it’s natural weight (some people are not meant to be 7-8 stone and a size 6).

    To me it sounds like the exercise you are doing isn’t in excess, unless you do it 7 days a week which may strain your body over time without rest.

    I hope this helps,


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