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How can I lose weight rapidly without taking diet pills?

I have been fighting with my weight for the past 2 years. My weight goes up when I’m happy and down when I’m depressed. I just need some advice on how I can lose weight rapidly and keep it off without the diet pills. I’ve tried every diet pill you could name and nothing works, or it’ll work and the minute I stop using them I’m hungry enough to eat whatever I can get my hands on. What should I do?

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18 Responses to “How can I lose weight rapidly without taking diet pills?”

  1. bobjoe1321 said :

    water and meat will make you lose weight, not as fast as you want prob, but it will make you lose weight

  2. king m said :

    think of the most disgusting thing you can think of. and im sure youll lose your appetite.

  3. megaman x 17 said :

    put ur finger in ur throat after every meal. lol 🙂

  4. Amber L said :

    Diet pills are never the answer. Eating a balanced diet along with excersice is the only way lose weight the healthy way. Try eating smaller portions when you eat and never eat after 7 pm. Also its proven that people who skip breakfast have a harder time losing weight so eat breakfast! Also you have to be confident in yourself and keep telling yourself everyday ” i can do this” I weighed 230 lbs 1 year ago, and by following these guidlines i lost 49 lbs! Good luck dear you can do it!!!

  5. JoJo said :

    1. Drink more than 8 glasses of water every day. Large quantities of water can raise your metabolism and help your body get rid of toxins.
    2. Use a smaller plate: using a smaller plate can make you think you are eating more food than you really are.
    3. Eat slowly: the slower you eat, the less food it takes to get full, because it can take up to 20 minutes for the body’s signal to reach the brain.
    4. Don’t skip breakfast: when you skip meals your body thinks it’s starving and slows down your metabolism.
    5. Tone your muscles with weight training: muscle mass helps your body burn more calories.
    6. Eat more eggs: a new study claims that eating eggs for breakfast can help you limit your daily calorie intake, by more than 400 calories.
    7. Use Color Therapy: believe it or not, the color blue can act as an appetite suppressant. So you can cover your table with blue tablecloth or serve dinner on blue plates.

  6. Natalie said :

    jog for 10 minutes everyday, twice a day.

  7. Kujo said :

    First I commend you on spelling lose correctly, as I just posted a question asking if I missed the change of the spelling to loose.
    Try taking a supplement called CLA. Conjugated linolic acid. Then keep to your workout routine, lots of cardio and toning. Feast on raw veggies, nuts, yogurt lean meat, fiber rich grains. Try not to eat past 6 pm and water water water or diet green tea.
    Look up the CLA online. It has no dangerous stimulants and helped me lose 140 pounds. It also has other health benefits and is affordable.

  8. CHRIS said :

    One thing that would help, since you say you get depressed, try to avoid all things that make you depressed. Stay away from pills. They dont work as you already know. Just exercise daily. It would actually help out on your depression too. Exercise will keep your body cleansed and much happier therefore depression wont be as much a problem anymore.

  9. Martin J said :

    Why don’t you just exercise, and i’m talking about the pathetic kind of exercise that generally people do now days, where they get of the treadmill, or cross trainer etc with like the smallest sweat on. Stay on every machine untill you’ve reached a 500 calorie total. Do not starve yourself. Eat normally.

  10. Cali guy 818 said :

    You need to start by changing how you eat. Exercise regularly, like 5 times a week. Drink lots and lots of water. Make sure you also get enough sleep (At least 8 hours).

    With time and patience, you will notice a difference.

  11. Fairy Tale said :

    fazer exercicios
    to do exercices….

  12. Nancy_AfricanQueen said :

    Whoa, folks!!

    You are destined to keep gaining weight until you decide to CHANGE your lifestyle. Anyone can diet for a few months or so, but you WILL gain the weight right back once you revert back to your same habits.

    Is exercise part of your normal routine? I mean it’s an integral part of your life and not a chore you suffer through.
    What unhealthy food can you do without completely? Sugar is a good start, and I mean maybe 1 indulgance a month.

    Change your life and the weight will follow.

  13. JMILL said :

    Well you need to cycle off diet pills just like anyother weight training supplement. If you want a pill that will work take Lipodrene unless its banned now. It isn’t bad it just has anphnimens in it. People started taking that to make meth. If you take it drink lots of water and go lift some weights. With a good muscle mass you will never need to worrie about gaining weghit since your mussel will burn it off. Of not cut ur cal intake to 1200 if you can. Keep your protein levels up so your body doesnt switch to canablizing your mussels for energy. Now this is importent when you reach your goal slowly raise your cal intake up again or else some or all of the weight will come back. If you do this you wont grow stronger but you will loss your fat. Any ? about this you can email me my buds a body builder and between us we can get you going.

  14. Kim J said :

    Hmm… well it sounds like you’re scarred from diet pills. My trainer recommended 8 hour energy, but I did it for the energy not the weight loss. I ended up losing 15 pounds in 2 months without even trying, and that was after a week in Vegas eating buffet after buffet…

    Anyway, good luck!

  15. Icy Hot said :

    Have more number meals with smaller portion of food compared to usual.
    The body would burn fats faster in this way.

  16. opinion said :

    in my opinion, diet pills is the way to go.
    I have experience with proactol. it is excellent way to lose weight quickly. there r no side affects.
    Trust, it will work for you. I did a google serach and came up with this website

    Hope it helps

  17. mansionghost said :
  18. ABSee said :

    So what’s the big hurry? It must have taken time to put the weight on. Why must it suddenly disappear? Just remember that the faster it comes off, the faster it’ll come back again.

    Diets will help you to lose weight – as will some pills (I hate the idea of pills – if they really worked, someone would have won a Nobel prize!), but they will only deliver short-term weight loss. If you want to lose weight permanently, you need to make change. You need to learn new habits. The items below may help you.

    Start by examining the bad habits that got you to where you are now. This is essential. You must increase your awareness. Once you do this you will be able to make change…this is the only way, believe me!

    Good luck!


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