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How can I lose weight fast but safely?

I am a pre-teen. My height is 5′ 2″. My weight is 134 pounds. I want to try to lose about 30 pounds in about 2 months. Is there any way I can do this fast, easily, and safely?

Thank You.

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5 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast but safely?”

  1. Lacy said :

    You might want to set your goal at losing 15 pounds not 30 and it’s only healthy to lose 2-3 pounds a week. I do crunches, walking, any exercise that makes you bend. It can be a simple as dancing around your room.

  2. Rgf said :

    you dont need to lose 30, just go for 15

  3. michael said :

    safely and fast don’t go together and neither option is easy. your talking about loosing a pound every two days which is nearly impossible. do not focus on weight. focus on a proper diet and exercise and it will come but it requires a lot of hard work.

  4. RonnieBranch said :

    A B, Some regular exercise should be in order and having a high quality food supply that is going to control your cravings. I highly suggest this weight lost product that has helped me lose 10 pounds. You can see before and after pictures of proof of how my face looks amazing and skinny. Watch this video some to see the proof

    The product is called Cinch, Taking that along with 3 in 1 boost which will increase your metabolism. The cinch actually controls your hunger so you don’t keep buying snacks and other foods that help you keep gaining weight.

    This is where I get my products

    I teach folks to buy from their own store and stop buying it from the retail stores since they don’t pay you to shop. I get paid while reconverting my spending habits and I show folks how to do the same thing.

    Hope this helps!

    God Bless…

    Ronnie Branch

  5. dryvintage(L) said :

    Heres what i did, and i guarentee it’s safe. Im probs around your age too.

    When it comes to breakfeast’s, oatmeal is the best thing for you.
    Lunches : chicken ceaser salad – ( I have a recipe, its easy and you won’t have to buy anything. Email me if you’d like it)
    Dinner – Whatever your parents make you
    Desert – Try not to have it everynight, but if its something you reeeally want, take what you’d normally eat, and divide it by two.

    Here’s some more things you can do :
    Mow lawn with a push mower
    Wash cars by hand (you can make money off it too)
    Dance (freestyle) for twenty minutes a day
    Run for fifteen minutes a day

    Or , you can do a excersize workout week schedule, basically you follow it by what excersizes to do. It’ll help you lose weight and get you toned 🙂

    SUNDAY – strech & 30 mins of cardio
    MONDAY – chest, arms and abs
    TUESDAY – legs and abs
    WEDNESDAY – strech & 30 mins of cardio
    THURSDAY – shoulders and abs
    FRIDAY – legs and abs
    SATURDAY – 30 mins of cardio, abs and butt

    On certain days there’s specific big streches. But everyday make sure to take about 3-5 mins after and strech it all out so you aren’t sore the next day. I really hope i helped 🙂


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