How do I lose weight fast, safely?

I’d like to modify what I eat normally. Is it better to use 2% milk in my coffee, or creamer? Is regular sugar better to use, or is Splenda? I do drink alot of diet pepsi, I know that’s not great but is it better than regular pepsi?

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  1. susie h said:

    Swap your diet pepsi for still water, much better to cleanse your system

  2. SRJE said:

    just dont eat rice.

  3. wildride07 said:

    Well, whats with everyone and wanting to loose weight? I mean, how about you not try to impress guys by doing that, becuase it will get out of hand and then you will end up anorexic, trust me, be yourself

  4. 4knowledge said:

    Drink water instead of everything else you’re drinking now and get some exercise. Eat in moderation and you’ll be amazed at the results.

  5. cyrille said:

    dont dring sodas……. dont eat junk…….. eat lots of vegies……… exercise…….. drink water……. 8 glasses of water…….

  6. arbz101 said:

    2% is better, use splenda and drink juice that has some nutritional value. You can lose weight fast by eating about 500 calories less each day and walking/running about 30 minutes more each day.

  7. Ari said:


  8. jonesy said:

    Dont use creamers. If you must, then add skim.
    Don’t use white sugar either. Go to your local Health food store (Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) and get some Stevia sweetner.

  9. trying <3 said:

    Drop the soda. I’ve heard that if you stop drinking soda completely, you lose a lot of weight. Of course this is over an extended period of time, but it’ll still contribute to your weight loss. Try weaning yourself off of it since you drink it so often — reduce the amount you drink each day until you’re completely off. Not buying it will force you to drink water as well. And that will also help your budget! 🙂

  10. Californiagirl99 said:

    weel in successful weight loss u have develop good habits meaning u cannot drink any kinda soda and no candy at all also try 2 stay away from bread and muffins and caks and mores tuff like that cut out all fried food and fast food no more chips and u will have 2 excercise to be in good shape

  11. ladyred_66441 said:

    If you cant let go of the diet pepsi then cut back and drink plenty of water on top of that if you drink alcohol then that contributes to weight gain also. Just drink more water,smaller portions of food of what you normally eat and dont eat late at night exercise is always a plus.I did the hip hop abs for about 3 months and went from a size 9 to a size 5.

  12. pnutbutter1012 said:

    *Count your carbs and calories.
    *Exercise DAILY (30-60 minutes of exercise a day… whether you go for a walk outside on a beautiful day, or run up and down the stairs 45x…One of my favorite exercises is Pilates… great for your core).
    *Drink seltzer, water, and treat yourself to a diet soda every once in a while.
    *Indulge 1x a week.
    *Read labels…try to consume as many products with the least amount of added ingredients (i.e. apples, cheerios, skim milk etc.)

    Good luck!

  13. Squints♥ said:

    The only way to effectively lose weight safely is to exercise daily and eat healthy. I’m not sure about the milk compared to the creamer, but i suggest using splenda instead of sugar. And diet pepsi is actually worse than regular. Aspartame is in diet drinks which can lead to all sorts of bad things(i did a senior speech on this).

  14. C Sunshine said:

    To lose fast, drink lots and lots and lots of water. Keep the amount of sugar to almost none. STAY AWAY from the Pepsi for at least one week (diet or regular). It makes us females swell. (Experience taught me that one, and if you can stay away, you might be surprised how much you will lose!)

    My sister changed to black coffee. It not only helps with lowering her cholesterol, but she makes it taste better by buying ground cinnamon to add to the coffee. That way she doesn’t miss the sugar.

    Good luck. God bless.
    Oh, and remember, drink lots and lots and lots of water. It always helps when you want to lose weight.

  15. BogotaCol said:

    Exercise. 30 min of cardio twice a day. Target heart rate 220 – age. Hold it there for 10 min

  16. suibluechic said:

    That is a good place to start. Don’t add sugar, chose low sugar, fat options. Cut out eating after about seven at night. Walk a little bit more. Small steps make a bigger change than you think sometimes. And anything you can stick at in the long run will help keep weight off. It is sometime better to focus on a long term goal, and take a bit of time and patience. Rather than rush, and find yourself here again in a few months if old habits slip back. You may not need to loose weight , just make a few heatly changes to feel stronger and fitter. Good luck, and stay happy. xx

  17. D B said:

    talk to your doctor

  18. willow said:

    Firstly are you really overweight? If so there is no magical formula but you can try what my back specialist suggested: I have to lose a lot of weight to avoid a serious operation and it’s working for me..Here goes: eat a lot of protein-fish,white meat, legumes, milk(semi skimmed) and yogurt, cottage cheese, red meat and eggs in moderation and as much fruit and veg,loads of soup as you like with the exception of potatoes and dried fruit or bananas. No need to weigh anything.Cut out white bread and pasta.ok every so often basmati rice and brown bread or wholewheat pasta. lots water tea is ok.if you cant live without fizzy drinks make sure they are light. coffee with milk is ok.obviously no cakes,sweets or choc or jam.
    I have been on this diet for 10 weeks and with absolutely no effort at all, I have lost 8 kilos and dropped almost 2 sizes. Probably I feel fuller eating proteins and cutting out all junk has helped. Drink lots of water and teas.
    I am not a doctor so if you are very overweight it may be a good idea to see a doctor to get checked out first…
    All this with gentle walking as I am not able to do more. I was a total chocaholic before and have tried lots of diets with varying levels of success.Dont miss choc at all and dont have energy slumps like before. Good luck

  19. Wills said:

    Skim milk not 2%.
    Splenda not sugar.
    Diet soda pop is fine, it has no sugar.
    Sugar is converted into carbohydrates with saliva, so since you are drinking diet pop, your body has less carbs to burn and will is likely to burn fat.

    caffeine is in the same group as cocaine, which has a few of the same side effects, like addiction and hyperness.

    too much caffeine can result in a lower lifetime expectancy.

    Tips on losing weight faster (than doing nothing):
    1.) Begin taking a multivitamin daily, it will help your metabolism, and you will become healthier in general.

    2.) In order for you to lose fat your heart rate must be up to its “cardio zone”, if its not then your body will just burn carbohydrates.

    So just jump-rope, nonstop for 5 minutes a day or jog or something.

    3.) Look at nutrition facts on the back of the containers and try not to eat a lot of fats and saturated fats, or anything high in sugar.

    4.) eat “junk foods” in moderation, although not really foods due to nearly no nutritional value except calories. Soda pop, potato chips, candy, gum, cakes and other edibles high in sugar or fats (or both) fall into this category.

  20. fevb said:

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