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How can I lose weight but have a high metabolism?

I am trying to loose a little weight like 5lbs as fast as possible! I eat about 1000 cals a day (im 13, 96lbs, 5’1 so 1000 is okay for a kid) but I want to keep a high metabolism, but mine is medium speed. I also do 200 crunches a day, making it 300-400 crunches tomorrow. Plz help! What can I do to have a HIGH METABOLISM and LOOSE/LOSE WEIGHT sortof quickly?
What are some foods that can help you get a higher metabolism?
How many cals should I eat to get down to 90lbs in 3 weeks?
If you answer all questions you get 10pts! Thanks!

Also; answer my other question if you can!

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8 Responses to “How can I lose weight but have a high metabolism?”

  1. Jennifer P said :

    well to make it go faster you need to eat when you r hungry.
    and if ur hungrt 10 min later eat again it does not matter! u wont get fatter! youll get skinnier becuase in order for you metabolisim to go faster is to eat. dont starve it makes it go very slow. good luck!

  2. Monica A said :

    look for the 3 day diet online it makes you loose 10 pounds in 3 days i tried it it worked.

  3. Molly Polly said :

    You are underweight and it sounds like you may have an eating disorder. At 5’1″ you should weigh at least 100 lbs. The only way to have a high metabolism is to eat 6 small meals a day and to do cardio for an hour a day. You should be looking to be healthy, don’t worry about what a scale says.

  4. Steven C said :

    omg, you couldent be any stupider.

    > your way too skinny already

    > your not getting enough callories to be healthy

    > doing chunches wont make you thin, thats got to do with the muscle – its got nothing to do with fat, and it bairly burns any callories because your not moving enough…your wasting your time, its also over training to do that many!

    > if you want a high metabolism you run in the morning before you have anything to eat – but i dont reccomend it for you because your already too light.

    > running is the best way to loose weight

    > you say your a kid, you need proper nutrition to grow at this stage…leave it till your atleast 16 (even tho u dont need to loose anything)

    > you need to eat more.

    > i saw another one of your questions, your only 13!!!!
    u need to eat more

    > skinny girls are just disgusting, i preffer average sived curvey women to stupid skinny bitches you see on tv…

    yuck, go eat some |=ucking cookies

  5. Ejaye said :

    cardio. you shouldn’t make your goal 90lbs because you need to gain muscle to get a higher metabolism. make your goal about how you look.
    also green tea boosts metabolism.
    keep eating 1,000 cals & exercise. you’ll should definetely see a difference in 3 weeks.

  6. Spence H said :

    Drink lots of water after each meal, it will help you digest food more efficiently. Also, you’re only 13, your still going to get taller and therefore you’ll weigh more but not because your getting fatter. I wouldn’t worry to much about losing 5 pounds when you’re 13 and 96 pounds : ).

  7. H C765 said :

    Ok well I don’t want to preach, but you’re 96 lbs and you want to lose weight!!! And don’t be worrying about weight at such a young age! BUT you didn’t ask for a mom’s answer haha so EAT BREAKFAST… it starts your metabolism in the morning and gets it going quicker. When you don’t eat your body goes into starvation mode and holds more calories than normally so never starve yourself!!! So just eat normally… but don’t worry about it! GOODLUCK 🙂

  8. ih8u said :

    Only way to obtain a higher metabolism while on a calorie deficit is strength training. But if you are going to strength train you have to up your calorie intake because your muscles need protein and nutrients to grow. You’ll be losing more calories anyways since you’re strength training so it should really negate whatever extra calories you add. 17500 calories equals = 5 pounds. So you’re suppose to burn about 833 calories less than the amount of calories you take in a day.


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