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What Makes Skipping Meals to Lose Weight Bad For You?

My mom decided she wanted to lose weight, and basically now she only eats Dinner. It’s been over a month, and she’s lost SO MUCH Weight.
It may sound bad or whatever, but it’s working.
She feels happier about herself, and she says she’s really not all that hungry. It’s obviously not slowing down her metabolism if she’s continuing to lose weight. And she IS eating. Plus if she does feel shes lacking something she makes up for it with Vitamins.

So Where’s the Harm?

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5 Responses to “What Makes Skipping Meals to Lose Weight Bad For You?”

  1. Huckleberry Sin said :

    Well, eventually, she is most likely going to want to go back to eating in a healthy manner (three meals a day) and this is where it’s going to be tough as she will probably gain some weight back. Sure, she’s losing weight now but what’s she’s also doing is affecting her metabolism by starving her body for so many hours. This will lead to weight gain eventually.

    Best thing to do is eat frequently, even if it’s just small amounts in order to keep the metabolism going. You don’t have to time it, but it’s honestly a much better approach than only eating one meal a day (which can also lead to binging).

  2. Powow said :

    it won’t last and when she does return to eating more it will go on quicker, best to always follow a sensible diet anyway

  3. Christine said :

    she will lose weight at first but her body will eventually get to the point where her metabolism will slow down to compensate for the lack of calories she is getting. then her body will start getting nutrients from her muscles and organs, so in a sense, her body will eat itself to stay alive. she could even end up in the hospital with malnutrition….not to mention the bad influence she is showing you.

  4. jtb0589 said :

    It is slowing down her metabolism, her metabolism may be fast enough to still lose weight, but it could be alot faster if she ate small meals throughout the day. And being “really not all that hungry” means that she is and doesn’t want to admit it. Soon the body will go into starvation mode and start storing fat, which isn’t good. Supplimenting a lack of food with vitamins is better than nothing, but the food is your body’s energy. Its like gas for a car you cant fill up the tank a quarter of the way and expect it to get you everywhere you want to go. She should also be exercising to help lose the weight.

  5. Lacey said :

    eventually her body will Plato this means her body will stay at the weight she is at because she is not eating the metabolism sets itself at what the person is eating so if she is eating 500 calories a day then her metabolism will set itself at burning only 500 calories and on average depending on the weight of the person people burn at least 1200 calories at rest so all she would really have to do is eat a big breakfast a little smaller lunch and a even smaller dinner it is good to have snacks in between Just make sure she eats less then she burns and that will be the healthy way to loose it so it wont come back. it is all about calories but you cant deprive your body or you will just gain it all back.


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