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how can i lose leg fat fast?

i have really big thighs. and my lower legs i think they are called calves. they are huge! it’s so wierd! they are like really big.. can someone give me a good daily exsorsize that will get rid of them fast? thanks.

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3 Responses to “how can i lose leg fat fast?”

  1. A.J. said :

    spinning and pilates, or running and pilates

  2. mattinfla said :

    wall sits- sit against the wall with your back to it and you thighs as close to parrell to the ground as possible.. and the stair master or climbing stairs will help with calves

  3. big_red31331 said :

    Squats and the lil bycycle thing you do on your back in the air. I dont even know what spinning is. lol


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