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How can someone lose weight fast, unhealthy or not?

I don’t care about the health factor, and if one person says anything about it, I will personally never vote for you for anything. I will either kill myself or put myself into a mental institution if I do not lose weight within the next three days. I want to lose about 15 pounds in all, but at least 5 in the next 3 days. Someone help me!!!!!

I swear, I don’t care if it kills me, I NEED TO LOSE THE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!! As long as it doesn’t include fasting or counting calories, I’ll be fine. NOW SOMEONE HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT OR MY LIFE WILL BE ENDED AND IT WILL ALL BE YOUR FAULT.

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4 Responses to “How can someone lose weight fast, unhealthy or not?”

  1. maria m said :

    after trying almost everything this worked for me

  2. bigzerol said :

    try this! it won’t hurt to check this website out if you are that desperate:

  3. brettR said :

    Please stop using those weight loss gimmicks by themselves! Those won’t help you unless you use them in conjunction with a good healthy weight loss plan!

    Sorry- just eating less is not going to make you lose weight – its called eating healthy. Just eating less will actually lower your metabolism and you can actually gain weight if you aren’t eating right! Working out will help wonders btw…

    I am not that great at keeping up to date with my progress so I use a online service (from menshealth). It helps me chart my progress and keeps me up to date on how much I should lift each time and what exercises to do. They have a diet plan too, though I haven’t used it. It lets you schedule workouts around your schedule, and your diet around what you like to eat.

    My fiancee used the program below for women- please bear with me, I am just going to cut and paste their quote from the site – she has been able to keep her weight off and looks better than ever… you can always try out the free trial (link below) – good luck!

    “Jillian’s hardcore exercise routine is customized for your body, your needs, and your goals. Her online program will teach you excellent exercises, how to break bad habits, and the right foods to eat for your body type. Let Jillian help you shed pounds, increase energy, and get fit–finally! Check Jillian out, and accept her FREE weight loss challenge!”

  4. Chazz e said :

    There is a healthy and safe way to lose quickly,without taking up all your time or starving yourself.If you would like to know more,check out my site,


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