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How can someone as young as thirteen lose weight fast?

I have always wondered this. I know someone that is 5 foot 2 and is like 120lbs. how can they lose weight? they told me that they wanted to lose an enormous amount of weight by May. How can they?

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3 Responses to “How can someone as young as thirteen lose weight fast?”

  1. Jessie U said :

    They can quit sugar, up their fruits and vegetables, and exercise. My mother has been doing this, and she has lost 37lbs. in 2 months.

  2. tom4bucs said :

    1) It did not go on fast
    2) It WILL not come off fast

    they should try for 2 lbs a week to be safe –
    especially since they are still growing at 13 – you do NOT want to
    deprive your bod of the good stuff – like raw veggies and fruits

    A) get off the sodas – especially the diet ones
    B) get off fast food – yeah it’s quick – and you pay dearly for it
    C) drink water 1/2 oz per pound – so they need a half gallon a day
    D) walk 30 minutes a day – most daze – hoof 15 minutes of it – GO!

    also they need some food to keep the brain going –
    while muscles in legs and arms can convert fat to energy –
    the gray matter needs carbs to fuel itself and think – like they are still in school – YA?

    all the best

  3. Billy G said :

    stop buying fast food and junk food also exercise and buy healthy food
    even though health food is a lot of money buy it also you have to eat healthier plus you should play some sports to help you lose the weight also remember you should also take a diet but one that includes three meals a day and for a long time you will lose weight


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