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How can i lose fat in my inner thigh?

Ok well i know that you cant lose weight just in one specific spot already. but i just want to know how can i lose fat around my inner thigh area? and also any excersises for my calves,belly,and butt wud be also be great =D.

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2 Responses to “How can i lose fat in my inner thigh?”

  1. Kandykane said :

    If you are young like me, You probably don’t wanna do a vigorous workout. So its best to get your workouts in a fun manner. I loveee my sports. flag football baseball and im getting into basketball this year.
    There are so many great ways you can get a good workout in without even knowing it!
    Go for a swim, walk the dog, dance! Just have fun with it.! 🙂 <3

  2. Megan said :

    -Separate your feet so they’re further than shoulder-width apart
    -Clasp your hands in front of you
    -Bend your knees so that your body dips lower
    -Go back up.
    -Repeat! A lot! 🙂
    After the first couple, you should definitely start feeling the burn.

    CALVES (INCREDIBLE excersice):
    -Stand so that your legs are together and your heels are touching (your feet should be in a “V”, a.k.a. 1st Position in ballet)
    -Go up on your ‘tip toes’
    -Go straight back down immediately so your feet are flat on the ground
    -Repeat going up and back down
    -Go up a third time, but this time, holding in your ‘tip toe’ position for 3 seconds
    -Release to go back to the ground
    -Repeat all of these steps until your calves are burning too much to keep going
    ^^^You will DEFINITELY see results with this one.

    -Get on the floor like you’re about to do a full, proper push-up BUT put your elbows and arms on the floor, clasp your hands together if it helps
    -Dip your pelvis down towards the floor
    -Bring it back up
    -Repeat until you can’t do it anymore. 🙂

    I hope these help!


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