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How can I get motivation to lose weight?

I’m almost 18 5’4 and 185 pounds. I eat very irregulary and I eat small stuff like chocolate etc. I walk about 2 km each day. I have also been yo yo dieting but I feel that I’m not being healthy I feel like my body is too heavy and that I need to lose weight but I can’t, how can I lose weight and stick to it?

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3 Responses to “How can I get motivation to lose weight?”

  1. Rachael said :

    I eat irregular too, and sometimes I don’t even eat a meal, just a snack. I like organic foods, if you have the money for them. I also look at calories, I don’t count them, but I compare them with other food options like of sauces, or cereals and so on. I was told that a snack should be under 150 calories so I aim my snacks at that!

    About losing weight, well Spring is coming (I know it’s only January, just go with it), maybe set out your bathing suit in front of your mirror or somewhere you go every day so you can see it there for inspiration. Or maybe buy a sexy thong and bra pair and think of how good you will look with it on when you reach your target weight! I think little inspirations like picturing yourself bare (bikini, sexy thong) is great motivation!

    Maybe get a gym membership and see if they have any classes, or go to a YMCA and go swimming? Or walk more everyday and while you walk do 10 squats, walk some more, do 10 lunges each leg, walk some more. Or get weights to walk with.

    I read a tiny little excerpt on Mel B or something and she says she does 200 crunches a day. Don’t do 200 maybe, but they do give you results!

    Good luck! I am trying to lose weight/eat right/exercise too maybe we can be buddies 😀

  2. Lala said :

    excercise or dance to music any way you want, everyday at least 30 mins. That can be your first goal. and if you get tired or worn out keep thinking of finally wearing a bathing siut and looking good. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF ICE WATER!! Instead of drinking anthing else drink water instead. Ice water is the best thing to raise you metabolism. Ive lost ten pounds only on drinking cold water alot.

  3. My Nutri Coach said :

    hello, I may have the best solution for your problem. Unfortunately many young people go through this more and more. go to and fill out a free consultation and one of our specialists wil get back to you. Or email us at [email protected]. we offer education and motivation for free as well so it cant hurt to take a look and let us try to help you…..


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