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How Can I a 14 yr old boy Loose weight fast?

I am 6’5 14 yeas old and i weigh about 250. I know i am overweight, but i do not know how to properly diet. I do know how to exersise, and i do regularry with daily sports and daily conditioning. But for some reason my weight will not budge. I have stretch marks on my stomach and am trying to get rid of them by using aloe vera. I would like any info someone has on how to quickly loose weight. I do not care if it is radical or safe. Anything to drop about all my 50-60 lbs i am overweight by. Thanks-

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One Response to “How Can I a 14 yr old boy Loose weight fast?”

  1. Meg said :

    Well your wasting your time with the aloe, thats not what aloe is for. Try cocoa butter or Vit E but that is usually used to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

    And about loosing the weight, you need to limit your calories to approx. 1500 a day. The more weight you loose, the less calories you will be allowed.


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