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Help me get to 90 pounds/flatter stomach and slimmer legs?

Okay im 14 and weigh 105 pounds and apparently am ‘chubby’. Im 5 ft and i have been told i have good legs but i dont really like them and i have a bit of flab on my tummy – i dont like wearing bikinis
my measurements are –
30 – 25 – 33
id like
32- 23/2 – 32

or is is too stupid?

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9 Responses to “Help me get to 90 pounds/flatter stomach and slimmer legs?”

  1. Jamie said :

    yea pretty stupid! u don’t need to starve your self just to be healthy just eat the right things such as not alot of starch it puts the weight on and is mostly sugar! thats what starch turns to when you eat and digestit! eat mainly whole grains and vegatables a lot of green veg. is good abd protien to ! good luck ! but most of all love your self no matter what!

  2. Flizbap said :

    You’re probably already UNDERweight.

    Let your body finish gowing through puberty before considering serious workout or fat loss programs.

  3. Disney_Freak said :

    try jogging daily , cycling , doing sit ups and crunches . tone yourself up for the flab to go away

    make sure you are eating right : enough fibre and protein and less fat and carbs


  4. confusedmoon said :

    Hey, look, get off the internet.
    Go to the school counsellor and talk to him/her about this.

    You are underweight. Talk with your parents about this, and if your mind does not change you need to talk to a doctor about this.
    You’re also young and still growing a lot, so keep eating and growing, because you will look very beautiful and tall when you’re older. You’ll also be of normal weight.

    Either way, stick to a healthy diet and talk about this with your family and qualified people.

  5. Aitannaa ツ said :

    When I was your age I felt the same way and then I read up on this site where I found out that all that chubbiness you see on you right now? Well, its because you’re still growing. If you cut out on a bit of junk food and soda (not all since you are still a kid and need to enjoy life) and walk a lot (or do a fun sport. Or dancing -what I love) you’ll be fine by the time you’re 18, which is when all the growing stops. Besides, the inches you want are only an inch or two different from what you already are and if I was your size at that age I’d love my body!

    So for now, stop worrying about chubiness (you should only worry if its 4 or 5 inches more of fat) which will vanish by the time you’re 18. (eg : Hilary Duff!!) Enjoy your life right now. 😀

  6. Tamara said :

    You don’t have to be the size of a walrus to want to get fit. Everybody should get in on the action just to feel great and healthy. For you I recommend lots of cardio…bike riding, jogging, jump roping, dancing to your favorite music, or if you have a treadmill in your home do the treadmill. But do cardio no less than 30 minutes for your workout to be effective.

  7. Dr Frank said :

    A 14 year old female child who is 105.0 pounds and 5 feet tall, has a body mass index of 20.5, which is at the 64.6th percentile and is considered to be a healthy weight.

    There is no question you do not require to lose weight! However exercise might help you tone up.

  8. EmyAutomatic said :

    Yes. Here’s the thing though: When you do cardio to reduce fat, you reduce it all over. You cannot target an area to lose weight. This means that you might possibly lose inches from your bust.
    You are 14. Let yourself grow and develop. I was had a complete square body when I was 14. I went on to develop at age 16 or 17. So you still have time. And according the the bmi calculator, you are in a healthy range of weight.

  9. kat said :

    That’s preposterous that you want to lose weight. Just get HEALTHY.


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