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Slimming, dieting and getting fit. Help please?

Ok i’ll cut to the chase. I’m size 16/18, quite curvy, I like the curves to be honest I just have a flabby stomach and fat thighs and bum. I doubt I can get into much smaller trousers than a size 16 because I have wide hips but I’d like to tone my stomch up abit and lose the flab all over. Especially round my face cos I look like a balloon. At the minute I have a poor diet, and I don’t do much exercise so I was wondering whats the best way to start off on a new lifestyle? And to lose the flab? I’m not looking to be a size zero, I’d be happy as a 14

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10 Responses to “Slimming, dieting and getting fit. Help please?”

  1. TammyRene said :

    There is only one safe proven way to lose weight:

    Eat Less + Move More

    You do not want to “diet”, you want to make healthier eating choices for life.

    To start try eating less than you normally would–put less on your plate, throw away part of your hamburger. Even a couple of bites each meal will add up eventually.

    As you get used to eating a little less start making better choices. Grilled over fried, fruit over candy, etc.

    Most effective way to lose weight quicker is to add excersize, it burns fat, and builds muscle and since muscles are what burns fat, the more you have the more fat you burn. So get out there and move. Walk, ride a bike or just close the door to your room and turn up the music and dance.

    Good Luck!!!

  2. elf said :

    I know she is a bit of an old bat but you should read the Gillian McKeith books… I know her way of eating is quite severe but she has some very good tips about food combining and feeling better about yourself.

  3. Kathleen M said :

    Eat healthy, do plenty of excercise and drink lots of water. Dont give in to temptation by stuffing your face.

  4. Helping U Slim said :

    Easy just go on a calorie controled diet, don’t get fooled by all the rest promising that you can eat everything and still loose weight.

  5. Mike T said :

    You are already on the right track, when you said “lose the flab all over”. You cannot lose fat in just one area, cardio burns fat all over the body. You have also admitted your diet is poor. Basically I think you know the answer to your own question. Make some improvements in your diet, cut out junk and increase the amount of fruit and veg. As for the fitness, start off jogging for a mile. Over time increase this to 2 miles. Record the amount of time it takes you, and aim to improve this time on each run. As your fitness increases you will find yourself tailoring your exercise rouitne to meet more specific needs.

    But you’ve clearly got the right idea, which is good. Go for it.

  6. nessa said :

    you cant spot reduce fat, if you excercise more and eat a little less you will start seeing results from where you want to, but crunchs help tone up your stomach…but not lose weight

  7. anjali said :

    depending on your daily recommended calories intake. you might want to do a test for your body fat percentage and your muscle type. there is nothing like target weight lose area,so it doesnt mean by doing more sit ups will loose fats around tummy area.
    you will need to control your diet, change it to 6 meals a day
    more protein
    eat only complex carbo

    you need to exercise also. cardio or weight resistance to stretch the muscles. as for gym, you can engage in a trainer for better performance.
    eat right, sleep enough, exercise.
    it should set you right, feel good and look good

  8. Tin T said :

    i would suggest that first of all, cut out all your junk and fast foods. Stock your cupboards with healthy foods and chuck away any ‘bad’ foods that you have. This way, if you have a craving for things like biscuits and you go to the cupboard – there won’t be any!

    Secondly cook your own meals – eat alot of fish, chicken and vegetables. For breakfast have something like 1 boiled egg or some low fat yogurt with dried fruit. Avoid white bread, rice and pasta. If you really feel like eating any of these go for wholemeal/brown option.

    For lunch have something like a chicken/tuna salad, chickpea salad – but stick to comething low in fat and carbs.

    For dinner have some steamed fish/chicken etc – there are many good low fat healthy recipe books around – invest in a few of them and cook something different everyday so you don’t get bored. You can also search on the net for good healthy recipes.

    Most important of all exercise – this will tone your body. Start of by swimming as this exercise works on the whole body, if you can run then run for 20-30 minutes, do some weights(you can fitness instructors at the gym to give you advice about whihc machines to use) and try out some cardio such as aerobics – vary your exercises so your body doesn’t get used to one type of exercise.

    Hope this helps!

  9. JACKIE T said :

    You sound like me 5 months ago until I joined Weight Watchers. I followed their core diet of lean meats, fish, vegetables, fresh fruit, non sugary cereals, low fat dairy products, wholemeal foods such as brown rice, and pasta.

    I never did any exercise and then I joined a gym. Following their diet and going to the gym 5 times a week for 50 minutes I lost 4 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes.

    I am not a size zero, but a comfortable size 14. I feel great. Give it a go. Once you get into a routine it’s really easy.

  10. xx mwah xx ;0) said :

    to be honest the best way is not to go on a diet as ive tried them all and diet pills and they dont work lol but just change your diet and go swimming 4-5 times a week for about an hour each time it tones your tummy and all your body up wonderful too ! i lost just over 2 1/2 stone since may its great and i eat loads too im just eating the right foods but instead of swimming try aqua arobics its great and really fun ! great question goodluck !


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