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I want to feel slimmer and not look as chubby for friday night i no its probs unachievable but argh help?

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5 Responses to “I want to feel slimmer and not look as chubby for friday night i no its probs unachievable but argh help?”

  1. ladydanga said :

    It is achievable but depends on how bad you want it.

    I have recently joined weigh watchers and have lost 10 and a half pounds in 5 weeks, its really good and easy too! You can still eat what you want as long as you dont go over your points!

    Try it, you can find your nearest meeting via link below.

  2. Brooke said :

    If it’s just for one day. Try taking some laxatives on Weds night (not thurs. you don’t want to be in the bathroom on Friday). I know it’s not recommend but I like to take two laxatives with a glass of prune juice then a glass of water! WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!

    But please be careful. you know your body and if you get the runs easily just do one or the other (juice or lax) and make sure you’re in a comfortable place where you can use the restroom in peace because you will be spending some time in there:)

    Also it wouldn’t hurt to buy some air freshener!

  3. Kitty said :

    Maybe you can buy an outfit that makes you appear thinner. I’ve heard there are ways of dressing where you can hide certain parts of your body and show off the good bits. Also applying make up in a certain way can give the illusion of appearing thinner. I’m not sure how you do this. I saw it on a TV program but I expect if you google clothes and make up tips etc you could find some tips.

  4. Dr Frank said :

    our hope of losing weight and looking better by Friday is a forlorn one. Take a longer term view and take regular exercise and eat a bit less.

  5. rugbygodsav said :

    The only way that ur really going to feel slimmer is to actually drop some fat! It so far removed ffrom unachievable but its going to involve effort, ur not going to be able to wish away your belly!

    Firstly ur probably going to have to increase the amount of exercise that you do, simply walking more often and longer will have a dramatic effect, but theres also swimming and a huge amount of other cardio-vascular alternatives.

    Secondly diet is a major factor, cut the junk and start eating more healthily. Dont listen to most of the rubbish posted on here, live healthily and achieve ur goals, and u can still fit in a drinking sesh on a friday nite (looking slim and healthy)!

    good luck and remember, nothing worth having comes easy


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