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good diet to lose belly fat?

im 14 (a girl) and i have a flat stomach but i have a bit of fat on it and my love handles are starting to show ( there not very big, there just a bit of extra fat i would like to get rid of ). Im going to start running for one hour everyday after march break and i have already started cutting all the sugar out from my diet. Ive switched to all whole grain breads, and have stopped drinking juice . All i drink now is water and milk. This is what i would typically eat throughout the day :

Breakfast – Bowl of shredded wheat, plain. (100% whole grain) with milk.
lunch:Whole wheat chicken wrap with blueberries and a bottle of water.
after school snack: Apple, grapes, whole grain crackers with a water bottle.
Dinner: Salad filled with veggies and olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a lean cut of meat. Veggies or some type of grain product or starches. ( whole grain rice, or potatoes). And a glass of milk.
snack: Strawberry’s, or 1 stalk of celery w. peanut butter. With water or milk.
on the weekends i eat oatmeal with a fruit salad, or eggs and pemeal bacon with freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. If i did this for a month, would i be able to lose the belly fat? How long would it take me? Im trying to get this done before summer!
ive been doing this for a week now/: but i cheated yesterday and ate one peice of candy but i don’t think it wil affect me?
jasmin, im going to be running everyday until september which is when cross country starts. I want to do cross country but im starting the training early so i can lose my belly fat before summer.

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One Response to “good diet to lose belly fat?”

  1. Jasmin said :

    Although it’s good having a healthy diet, it won’t help you with your “belly fat”. If it really is a you describe it, that diet may just make you loose weight and you’ll end up with more “belly fat”. Try doing exercises that work out your abdominal muscles, also cardio vascular exercises.


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