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Does the cold of winter make you slimmer?

Well its pretty self explanitary… It sounds a bit dim but ive heard it can make you slimmer if you are cold? Is this true?

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5 Responses to “Does the cold of winter make you slimmer?”

  1. Hey! said :

    Yes if you keep moving to warm up.
    Not if you keep eating to warm up.

  2. Jack W said :

    Yeah, sort of… when you’re cold you shiver and more energy is used to keep your body warm, which therefore uses more energy and “makes you slimmer” if you like.

  3. Katie said :

    Being cold burns more calories as your body needs to work extra hard to keep warm, around 4x as many calories are burnt when you are cold.

    But humans are biologically predispositioned to gain a few pounds during winter to keep us warm for survival. It’s not just all those mince pies at christmas 🙂

  4. Dr Frank said :

    Extreme cold does result in more calories being burnt to generate body heat. However we tend to wrap up warmly, go outside less and even eat more in the winter so we don’t usually lose any weight.

  5. pine.apple90 said :

    actually no. a short blast of cold, like 5 mins in a cold bath might speed up ur metab slightly but long periods of coldness will cause your body to increase your appetite and you will store more fat to protect you from the cold.


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