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Why is it more difficult to diet and lose weight on a cold weather?

During Spring and Summer is easy for me to diet and lose weight, but in Winter and with cold weather, it seems really difficult because my appetite increases enormously and it seems that I need to eat much more, making it difficult to reduce calories and the amount of food. Why does this happen? Is it because the cold stimulates the metabolism and I need more food?

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5 Responses to “Why is it more difficult to diet and lose weight on a cold weather?”

  1. ice said :

    it’s actually easier to burn calories in winter because your body needs calories to warm itself up, unlike cool down. In winter, you’re probably cold and crave more food to warm you up and to get more calories into you to burn

  2. Lydia said :

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  3. Chris C said :

    To keep warm your body needs to burn more calories in cold weather than in warm weather.

    Don’t starve yourself though, instead try to eat six small healthy meals throughout the day instead of three to keep your metabolism up and mitigate your cravings.

    Hope this helps

  4. ??? said :

    maybe because its cold you want to stay inside more, and are less likely to work out? Plus people get lazier so you just grab whatever is lying around the house or order food

  5. Chelsea said :

    It’s because the body has learned over eons that winter=famine, so when we feel winter the body automatically kicks in and tries to retain as much food as possible and get as much food as possible. You have to distinguish between actual food requirements and your body trying to act on our instincts.


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