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Can you combine lemon detox ingredients with a normal diet to lose weight?

I’m 17, 125lbs (57kg) and 5’7. I want to lose weight, but since I live with parents at home with cooked meals etc, making healthier choices at mealtimes is mostly out of my hands. And I can hardly not eat anything and go on the lemon detox diet for 3 days.

So will drinking each day something like half cup water, half cup squeezed lemon juice, and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper help me? Is its effect minimal and not worth it?

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One Response to “Can you combine lemon detox ingredients with a normal diet to lose weight?”

  1. June said :

    I’m in the same boat! I’ve decided to eat more in the mornings, less in the evenings, I pretty much have stopped eating after 5pm and begin to drink the lemon detox every time I get hungry. I try to eat a lot of fiber rich food in the mornings, fruits, veggies, and little carbs! Plus, during the day I spread out little portions of food so I’m never really hungry, and along with the lemon drink, i drink fruit juice as well, or snack on a handful of cheerios, just drink a lot of water so your body can get ride of the water weight, I divide my weight in half and that is the amount of ounce of water i need to drink a day. I’ve been only doing this for about a week, but feel better. You can do it!


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