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My boobs shrunk when I lost weight, can I get them back?

I’ve lost 27 lbs [and still shrinking] and my boobs got a whole cup size smaller. Is there anything I can eat or something to get them back? I know there are pills, but I’m skeptic when it comes to them. So any foods or exercises?

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9 Responses to “My boobs shrunk when I lost weight, can I get them back?”

  1. Hugo said :

    There is no fat in your boobs so it shouldn’t have shrunk when you lost weight. If anything it should be looking bigger now that your body frame is smaller. You should see a doctor in order fo find out what the problem is. Good luck!

  2. Roar said :
  3. Tom said :

    Chances are you won’t be able to get them back, becuase just like you had fat on your body, you had fat on your boobs. So the weight you lost will come off every part of your body, including yout boobs. If anything though you should look better because although your boobs are smaller your body is also smaller which should make your boobs look bigger. I don’t reccomend the pills because those things never work. Think about it, if you could take this pill (for say a month) and then instantly your breasts were bigger, well now this pill company will have lost a customer which they really don’t want, their not their for YOU, their there for your money.

  4. Tiffany said :

    You’d have to lose weight to gain that cup size back. Pills or creams won’t work. Either that or surgery.

  5. pamperingman69 said :

    Breasts are mostly fat, what controls how much and where you lose body fat is controlled by your genetics. Pills, creams, exercises etc will NOT make your breasts grow larger or faster. After you “bottom out” with your weight loss, your body wil readjust your fat distribution to where your genes want. Will your breasts go back to their pre weight loss size , nobody knows.
    Good Luck

  6. Bella♥ said :

    You can’t get them back, but sometimes they grow more again.

  7. Lost 2 said :

    I am just as lost as you are with this, I have lost alot of weight and now my chest is lost, its been a while..

  8. secreto said :

    when i was in high school i had 36 c and now they shurnk on me toooo =( I LOST WEIGHT BUT THAT MUCH …this suckx

  9. Heather said :

    Omg! I know I want to know too! I have lost two cup sizes and cried! I want my boobs back! And what sucks is their the only thing thats shrunk … I cried … No joke …


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