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Anyone using Solo Slim?

My roomate has been using it for 1 month so far and has lost 7 lbs. I know when you loose weight fast, you also gain it back quickly…i need a “quick fix” for an upcoming event in 2 months, but I don’t want to gain even more weight later. I figure between extra workouts,cutting more calories and Solo Slim I’ll reach my goal. She swears by this stuff and keeps saying how great it isbut I’m still skeptical….has anyone used it and kept it off???

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One Response to “Anyone using Solo Slim?”

  1. chigrl said :

    I’ve heard of everyone having great results with it but am not sure how much weight you’ll gain back afterwards. I just know it suppresses your appetite, so you eat less and lose weight. Maybe if you use it for 2 months, your mind will get used to eating small portions that when you get off, you continue to eat less? Keep me posted because I am curious too and want to give it a try. Good luck!


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