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has anyone ever used slimming pills? if u have what are the best and safest ones to use?

ive been looking at this site for the Slim-Direct concept and im not sure whats good for you and whats not. has anyone ever used this product or any others that they would recommend?

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8 Responses to “has anyone ever used slimming pills? if u have what are the best and safest ones to use?”

  1. Rhianna said :

    No, and neither should you if you have got any sense

    Slimming pills WON’T EVER WORK

    The only effective way to lose weight, is a healthy reduced calorie diet and plenty of vigorous exercise. If diet pills really worked, would anyone ever be fat?

  2. that one said :

    I have used many kinds of diet pills. None of the over the counter ones do anything. Some of the prescription pills do have “effects” but they also have very bad side effects, like headaches, the jitters etc.

    I don’t think pills are the way to go, other than a multi vitamin, perhaps.

    Real health comes from eating right exercise and reducing the stress in your life.

  3. Jemma L said :

    diet pills work
    I lost 40 pounds on hydroxycut in 4 months and I’m perfectly healthy. Everyone just assumes that diet pills don’t work, but they do if you use them with diet and exercise.
    People give me so much crap about having taken them but I don’t care, they don’t kill you obviously because I’m still alive…and they do work because I am 40 pound lighter and three dress sizes smaller.

    But when you take them you can’t just eat whatever you want. You still have to diet and do exercise.

  4. Tiffany said :

    Do your research, diet pills affect everyone differently. Find out what you don’t want in a diet pill (ie, racing heart, caffeine) then find out what you do want, maybe something natural. None the less no mater what you take it can only HELP in the process. You cant just take a pill and eat & do whatever you want and expect it to work. Diet and Exercises are crucial. That being said be safe in what you choose to help you. I use to work at a vitamin store and alot of people seemed to like a product called fuco thin, it was all natural. Hope that helps.

  5. Alice J said :

    Try Hoodia. They are miracle pills, I swear! They suppress your apetite and so you don’t really feel like eating much. Celebrities such as Nicole Ritchie have used Hoodia to lose weight. If you want more information on this, then go to where the page founder tried out Hoodia and got amazing results! I really recommend it. x

  6. nanook570 said :

    i’m currently taking a slimming pill prescribed by my doctor called Orlistat (xenicall) and have lost a stone in two months.I’ve been eating a healthy diet and exercising three times a week in addition to taking the tablets . The tablets that i’m taking get rid of fat in the body and food that i eat, if i eat anything very fatty then i suffer with diarrhoea so these tablets in affect stop me from eating fatty food.I get weighed by the practice nurse every two weeks and see the doctor monthly to check my blood pressure and to see how im getting on with the tablets.I also get routine blood tests done to check my liver and cholesterol levels.I’ve been to weight watchers,tried watching what i’m eating and exercising in the past but they’ve not helped.That’s why i chose the diet pills as a last resort.

    I would advise not to buy slimming pills from the internet, as they can be dangerous.Go through your doctor and he/she can prescribe the best ones for you.

  7. I can survive said :

    Eating a healthy diet and excercising is the no.1 way to lose weight healthily and to keep it off, everything else can make you ill or lose it to quick, and come straight back on.
    Slimming pills are bad, please dont waste your money.
    If you notice, alot of people are saying there diet pills work along with healthy eating and excercise and its that, that loses the weight not the pill, thats psychological!!

  8. jimmy said :

    try lipo slim from thailand, natural herbs ganuteed to loose weight, i will give free samples to anybody. [email protected]


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