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has anyone ever bought slimming tablets from their fitness instructer and do you know what they are called?

I purchased some small white slimming tabs from my fitness instructer and they were marvellous I have lost touch with him and wondered if anyone might know where to purchase them and what they might be.

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6 Responses to “has anyone ever bought slimming tablets from their fitness instructer and do you know what they are called?”

  1. chrissy f said :

    Why on earth would you take a tablet when you don’t know what it is. For all you know he could of sold you a sugar pill or something far more dangerous like speed. If you are very overweight go to your GP and get xenical and do it the correct way. They have horrid side effects but they work with a low fat diet and exercise. There is never a quick fix for losing weight.

  2. simon h said :

    I am sorry to say this – but you are very foolish indeed.

    First, your fitness instructor is breaking the law – they are not allowed to sell medicines – they are not qualified.

    Second – these ‘little white tablets’ could be anything but they could be Ritalin, Dexedrine, Ephedrine. The first two are seriously controlled drugs and you posessing them AND coming onto Yahoo Answers fishing for a supplier is in its self a criminal offence, as well as being highly hazardous to your health.

    I try to keep my answers fair on here, but you really need to wake up and get a brain.

  3. Dr Frank said :

    This was a clueless thing to do! You have no idea what you have swallowed, nor if it was a legal substance, nor how dangerous or addictive it was!

    If this guy belongs to any professional body he should be struck of. How can anyone on Answers possibly know what poison he has given you. Try and be a tiny bit more sensible in future.

  4. The Book Garden said :

    As others have said, not knowing what they were was quite foolish, DR’s used to give out amphetamines as slimming pills as recently as the 60’s, effective but highly addictive and quite harmful!!

    Slimming pills that have a good reputation include ones containing Hoodia Gordonii and Green Tea Extract, both of which can be easily found online or at your local health food store as they are both classed as herbal remedies.

    Slimming pills are modern day snake oil, so many people selling them with so much hype, so be very careful here. The best ways to slim are through a healthy controlled diet and regular exercise.

  5. mike h said :

    NO real fitness instructor would even reccomend these tablets and would never give them out!



    Sorry to shout but it needed to be said!

  6. happy family said :

    sounds to me like efidrine,it rubbish and banned nearly everywhere….do more exercise and eat well..


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