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Do you think slimming pills should be banned?

I mean come on? Lets face it , there placebos ….. they don’t do anything , there all different herbs that have been gathered and been given wacky names or have been given there full name , i think its absolutely ridiculous there being sold , and anyone who still use’s is a mug!

If someone replies saying oooo i used them and they actually worked…they didn’t work , you got off your ass and worked off the fat yourself!

So who agrees this con merchants should not allow to sell? In the uk and all over the world!

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10 Responses to “Do you think slimming pills should be banned?”

  1. Randall H said :

    My wife has tried all sorts to lose weight but nothing has worked quite as well as the wu yi tea that she drinks, it’s been covered on CNN and Fox News. She melted away 10 pounds in four weeks. She buys it off a contact at work but I discovered this site in Google; – they have a free trial on at the moment, maybe they’re worth a try?

  2. VT♥Angel in Disguise♥ said :


  3. ♥ßƦęŋБΩ₦♥ said :

    This is how I look at it, if any of them worked they wouldn’t keep making new ones.
    AND look at the word DIEt where is it derived from? The word DIE or DEATH!
    Just eat healthy and exercise more regularly.

  4. tristanpendlehorn said :

    Fat chance of that happening.

  5. Aspen said :

    I don’t like diet pills. Not only do these companies claim you just take them and they work but they say you don’t have to diet or exercise and i think this sends the wrong message. Also some of the ingredients can be just dangerous to your heart and thyroid. The drug “Alli” doesn’t tell you in their commercial that you’ll poop yourself to embaressment until your body adjusts. Ephedra is dangerous and was banned but FDA. People throw their money away out of desperation.
    Just keep in mind that not everyone who has a weight problem has it because of poor diet or lack of exercise. I have hypothyroidism from surgery and can gain weight off celery and water. I exercise regularlya dn eat healthy but can’t loose an ounce. So while I don’t agree with the marketing of diet pills I hope some people have enough common sense to realise some of us are overweight through no fault of our own.

  6. Ginny Jin said :

    I agree. And the same goes with those colon cleansing kits. A waste of time. I also agree with Aspen. Some people like myself get fat due to illness. It’s not that simple to get of our fat *****.

  7. B&W said :

    A lot of diet pills contain large amounts of Caffeine, which speeds up your heart rate and theoretically burns fat while you are sitting still. The companies tell people that all exercising does is speed up your hear rate so if it can be artificially done, then you should receive the same benefits. This sounds very dangerous to me. As for all other diet pills, they are just placebos. And yes, every diet pill should be banned.

  8. Jonas S said :

    Diet pills are the perfect solution to obesity issues present in areas that can afford them. They kill people. If obesity is genetic, they will tend to prevent obese people from reproducing as prodigiously as they would otherwise (by killing them before reproduction can take place). And people can make money selling them, which is good for the economy.

    Stimulated economy – fat people = good for everyone

  9. BORED d(-_-)b said :

    nah none of them work any way you have to be a dumb ass to buy them and believe the pounds are going to fall off the only pounds you loose is out your wallet

  10. Giovanni Habibi said :

    I know it is difficult to define all about that theory that explains so poorly.


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