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I’m doing slimming world and going the gym, anyone help me with the sin value of Maximuscle promax shakes?

I want to build muscle but don’t want to undo anything by combining things that won’t compliment each other. It would really help if I knew its sin value or knew how to work that out.

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3 Responses to “I’m doing slimming world and going the gym, anyone help me with the sin value of Maximuscle promax shakes?”

  1. Stefan M said :

    just use plain whey isolate like ON 100% whey gold, plus its cheaper!!!

  2. ejfv2007 said :

    Hi. I don’t know the exact Sin Value – but I would suggest that it is very low or zero…..similar to a chicken breast (which hopefully you will know?). Basically, Promax shakes are almost completely pure protein and only have 120 calories per shake (i.e. virtually no fat or carbs). So the shakes are not in my opinion a sin, because they will help your lose weight if used correctly. Furthermore – before and after exercise whey shakes are 100% not a sin because it is the perfect protein to support muscle growth.

    I’m not sure what your slimming world diet plan is, but most people using promax shakes will be eating 5-6 small meals per day (2-3 of which are shakes). The whey in promax will help prevent cravings, promote fat burning and muscle tone when exercising and help maintain muscle tone if you reduce your calories. They shakes taste nice but they are not like eating a choc bar – far from it, whey is essentially ‘designer nutrition’, which is why athletes eat it (as I said especially before and after exercise).

    You could also look at Promax Diet – complete low cal, low gi shake with fat burning ingredients like green tea etc. I think it also has a special protein in it that helps curb hunger more.

    Good luck

  3. Kerry K said :

    go onto lifeline online and put the nutritional data into the syns calculator – it will calculate the syns for you

    your consultant can give you the password this week.

    good luck


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