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Does anyone know any exercises to lose fat around the belly and hips?

I have extra/baby fat around the front and sides of my abdomen! i really wanna lose it so i will not be so self-concious about myself! I don’t want any pills or anything! I wanna lose weight naturally! Please help!

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6 Responses to “Does anyone know any exercises to lose fat around the belly and hips?”

  1. boogies1971 said :

    I got myself one of those exercise balls and a video tape. I have lost seven inches off of my abdomen(now I’m pregnant, lol.) I have to say, the exercises aren’t tough but they do the job in a short time. Hope this helps.

  2. edward t said :

    swimming, walking, or Tai bo

  3. two_eighty_eight said :

    I lost 12 pounds in three weeks. All I did was cut fast food out of my diet, and went to the gym every other day for two hours straight. Remember, slow weight loss is easier to keep off than fast weight loss. And even then, you’ll gain even more than you originally started out with.

    On a related note, I personally find that girls with a bit of babyfat around there kinda sexy, as opposed to all the stick figures that’re shoved in my face every day on the TV. But, hey, it’s your body, so I hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. That Chick acisseJ said :

    The correct way to burn fat and stay healthy is to burn more calories than you consume
    You need to make sure you are eating healthy foods while still excercising
    If you have a big appetite drink plenty of water so that you will feel full but not consume calories
    But you should always eat
    If you start to skip meals you will only be more hungry at your next meal and probably eat way too much
    Remember, the average persons stomach is as big as a slice of pizza scrunched up into a ball
    So you shouldnt be putting more food into your stomach than what fits
    Also, it takes aproximately 15-20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full
    so eat slower and you will realize sooner when you are not hungry anymore

    i found this artical called “50 Habits of “Naturally Thin” People
    How to get Started:Decide how much you want to loose and see how many calories a day it will take to make it happen by year’s end.Then, work into your routines however many of these eating tweaks and exercises you need to achieve your goal.
    Slash 250 cal.s a day to lose about 25 lbs. in a year, Slash 500 cal.s to loose 50 pounds.
    This is based on a 150-pound person: you may need to cut more/ fewer calories depending on ur weight, age & gender. It also assumes your normal calorie intake essentially stays the same and your weight is stable.
    * I’m only going to give you the ones that are most helpful and burn calories. If you want more then email me*
    1.Wake-up Workout – When your eyes open, sit up slwoly w/out using ur hands. W/ legs straight out, lean forward until u feel a gentle stretch in ur back & hamstrings. Hold. Then, Using ur abs, lower urself flat. Rest & repeat 2 more times. BURNS 10
    2. Balance Booster – While u brush ur teeth, alternate standing on 1 leg as u switch mouth quadrants(every 30 seconds). BURNS 10
    3.Be a Ballerina – As ur coffee drips, stand sideways, put 1 hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straigh out in front of u, keeping it extended. With upper body straight, hold for a few sec.s and move it to the side: hold and extend it behind u. Do 5x on each leg. BURNS 10
    4. Talk It UP – Every time u grab the phone, stand up & pace around. BURNS 50
    5. Carry Some Weight – When ur grocery Shopping/ running erands, wear a backpack with 5-10 lbs bag of sugar inside to increase resistance & burn more calories. Add purchases to ur load as it becomes easier. BURNS 20 (FOR AN HOUR OF ERRANDS)
    6.Pump at the Pump – While ur getting gas, With 1 hand on ur car, Stand on the balls of ur feet & slowly rise up & down for as long as it takes to fill ur tank. BURNS 10
    7. Shop till the Pounds Drop – at the mall try on at least 10 outfits- pants and shirts.BURNS 60
    8. Jog for Junk Mail – For every piece of junk mail u get each day, do 1 lap around ur house/ building, / up & down a flight of stairs. BURNS 35-140
    9. Play Footsie – After Dinner, while u are sitting at the table, extend your right leg out & slowly bend it up & down, squeezing & holding in the up position for at least 5 sec.s. Repeat 5x for each leg. BURNS 10
    10.Ease into Evening – sitting with feet uncrossed, grab ur wrists & raise ur hands above ur head to lengthen the spine. Take a deep breath in as u reach & hold the position, breathing slowly in & out for 20 sec.s, taking longer on the exhale. BURNS 5
    11. Sing a Song – Spend sunday morning belting it out in the church choir. BURNS 70 PER SERVICE
    12. Catch This! –
    Spend 30 min tossing a ball or a frisbee with ur kid/dog BURNS 90
    13. Make Whoopee – Instead of a bowl of ice cream as a bedtime snack, have a robust tussle with your spouse. BURNS 300

    Good Luck!!

  5. Lakenya Ruhn said :

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  6. Muay Thai Kick said :

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