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Does anyone know how to loose 40 lbs. quickly, safely?

Had baby 3 mon. ago and want to get rid of the middle section of stomach, getting married in Aug. and want to look my best any advise on how to loose that extra weight??

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14 Responses to “Does anyone know how to loose 40 lbs. quickly, safely?”

  1. budsiskos said :

    throw up after every meal. perfectly safe 😉

  2. Jeff B said :


  3. jeremyk684 said :

    Join a gym and cut your unhealthy food intake. If you want to increase the speed of the weight loss you could also consider getting coached by a trainer/nutritionist. It’s all about discipline.

  4. ana said :

    Have you heard of body wraps that make you lose inches all over your body.. Its like 100 – 200 $ and the results last if youre careful. Its been featured on the tyra banks show and she herself did the wrap and lost alot of inches and water weight to fit into pants she couldnt fit into before.

  5. Alexis B said :

    no that’s not perfectly safe, have you ever seen them models. after a while theyre body, no matter how much they WANT to eat and keep it down, doesnt let them and theyre teeth rot from the acids. im sorry i have no advice on this particular question but im just letting you know NEVER do that, its NOT safe. congrats on the baby and the wedding =)

  6. sare said :

    eat healthy food in small propertions,, only eat half of what is on your plate. exercise for one hour every day. sleep for 9 hours every night.

    if you do all of this you should be slim in no time.

  7. charlie the ferret said :

    do you know everything you do burn calories?
    even having sexx

  8. Ashley S said :

    Watch the show Bulging Brides on WE tv. There is a trainer and a nutritionist who give really good tips. It airs Sundays at 10/9c.

  9. Cori said :

    I joined Weight Watchers this past December and have really done well on it. They don’t emphasize fast weight loss, but they do emphasize sustainable weight loss. I started out very overweight (267) and have lost thirty pounds in the past four months. This is a major thing for me because I have a hard time dieting.

    Some things you should look for in any diet plan:
    Healthy amount of food intake
    Healthy distribution of fats/fibers/protein
    Healthy exercise
    Support from friends/family/fellow dieters
    Solid maintenance plan for end of diet

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll look beautiful at your wedding. =)

  10. julia_jellybean05 said :

    Follow Paul Mckenna’s “I can make you thi” it actaully works. here are some videos of him.

  11. therealfreddy_p said :

    get p90x!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gypsydayne said :

    There is no quick way. Breastfeeding would’ve been a good way to burn up to 500 calories a day. You shouldn’t starve yourself, that’ll only tell your body to store fat. Eat healthy- 3 meals a day (small) plus snacks (healthy), lots of water & an exercise regimine. Good louck! Consult your Dr.

  13. JustFacts said :


    I followed a plan from this blog and it really helped me lose a ton of weight very quickly. It is totally natural and 100% safe. Take a look at this blog for some information and see if it may help you.

    Good Luck!

  14. æ‚¨æ˜¯ä»€éº¼çœ said :

    A lot of cardio and a low fat diet.


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