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how can i loose a lot of weight quickly and safely?

i got put on a birth control and it made me gain 10 pounds this month. i was even careful about what i ate for thanksgiving so that’s not the culprit. and before that we didn’t have a fridge so there was only fruit and pastas. i tend to eat well and i am relatively active. how can i loose the weight so i can fit into my clothing? i’m trying to get back to my original weight, or lower, by new years.

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3 Responses to “how can i loose a lot of weight quickly and safely?”

  1. D!$h@ said :

    Well go gyming!! Dont go for a dietician n all….just eat right dats wat is gud for u..Eat fruits or juice in between meals.Go for walks daily once in da mornin & once in da afternoon atleast for half n hour which totals to 1 hr daily. Just make sure wat suites u da best morning walks or evenin or both. Do not exagerate!

  2. Jullianna K said :

    1. Your going to want to drink lots of water at lest 8-10 cups of water and eat healthy foods.

    2.Toss out all the junk foods in your house such as Candy’s cookies pies, chips anything fating toss it all to keep temptation at bay. You wont’ miss it after a while.

    3.Keep track of what your eating write it down so you know if your feeling great one day and horrible the next check your food intake and change it up to where you feel good. Eat 3-6 small meals a day to get your matabalizume moving faster.

    4. Your going to want to do cardio (make sure your in your target heart weight to lose weight when doing your cardio), weight lifting, yoga, palates, plyometrices, kick boxing. Make sure you get your whole body a work out from your head to your toes. (you can also get a work out at your house if you think it will save you more time you can get more then just 3 work outs in a week.)

    5. Get moving and have fun, You can dance it off, work it off, strech it off, walk it off. what ever you choice have fun and do it safely

    6. Try any of our beachbody products they are fun and awesome and any one can do them at any fitness level give them a shot and lose weight the fun way!!!

  3. Miss said :

    Exercise and eat health. If you don’t like exercise walk as much as you can.

    Drink a lot of water, eat veggies, grilled chicken, fish, fruit… To lose weight it is important to eat 3 meals and 2 light snacks (yogurts, fruits…)

    You’ll find more tips in the following link:


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