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How can I quickly and healthily loose weight and tone?

After I had twins nearly four years ago, I lost nearly all of my baby weight. I was back in my old clothes within about 3 weeks (aprox. 113lbs). Four months later I got an IUD and blew up to my pregnancy weight of 144lbs. I struggled for a while to loose it with no success. I am now up to 154 and desperately want to loose this weight. How can I effectively begin the process? Is 10lbs a month unrealistic? I eat well… lots of green veggies with baked/grilled fish or chicken. What type of excercise routine could I start? HELP ME! I can’t stand another summer with this weight!

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4 Responses to “How can I quickly and healthily loose weight and tone?”

  1. jAyLEEthal -n- aNgiELOCC said :

    Me and you is on the same boat.. The only thing that works is Eating till you feel full! drink water and a fruit and if your STARVING eat more fruits.. LOL. I’ve been stuffing my face with fruits and a plate a sizer for a 2 year old can eat.. dont eat after 9… Eat peanut butter makes you feel fuller.. Lots of water and look up some diet home remedies they got APPLE CIDER VINEGAR but couldn’t take it anymore heard it works..Use a wrap for your belly to tighten it so you could feel more encouraged and you look like you lost double the pounds (get me?) Um… And pilates look it up on you tube thats how mariah got that body and you’ll lose it. But excersising really makes you lose it.. And laxatives.. You’ll lost 40lbs in 2months!

  2. N8TV 1 said :

    Well, it first starts with your diet. You need to eat small meals 5-6 times a day. It sounds like your eating right, so that’s good. If you want to lose the weight properly, a good exercise program is a must. It should include some sort of resistance training and cardio. When exercising with weights, always eat 30 min prior, this will speed your metalbolism up, plus you want to have some fuel to get you through your workouts. Your cardio should be about 30 min. You want to either do 1:1 sprint/walk for the 30 minutes, or if you chose to be outside, run for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds for a total of 20-25 minutes. Include a 2-3 min warm-up and cool down. Also, abs every other day. Good luck, and never give up.

  3. God(s) Of Thunder said :

    Well done! You WANT to lose weight. Good start!

    10lbs/month is NOT unrealistic if that is what you want to lose. Some people can lose more. Others would LOVE to lose that much! Just depends on the individual, how motivated they are, and how much… wait for it… EFFORT they are willing to put into losing weight!

    Personally, I cycle REGULARLY. (Key word right there!) I have set goals on time and distance etc. When I get comfortable at one level, I increase these goals! Another km (or two!), another 5 minutes (or 10!)

    I am not afraid of walking when I can, and use stairs rather than mechanical devices. And if possible, take 2 stairs at a time! Great cardio!!!

    Eating sensibly also helps. But I still enjoy the occasional treat! (Just don’t tell anyone!) 😉

    I also have fitness equipment at home should the weather be bad, not enough time to cycle, or to work other areas.

    And if, by chance, I should *gasps* GAIN weight… why worry! As long as I do not CONTINUE to gain, I’m happy!

    Worry causes stress, and stress kills!

    Pedometers are good too, I believe. If you have (or get) one, monitor your distances per day/week. Set small target increases!

    And most importantly, keep records of your exercise(s). That way, you can chart your weight loss, inches/cm/mm lost, and increased activity/fitness!

    And an exercise buddy helps too!

    All the best!

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