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How to loose weight quickly, yet healthily?

Hiiii :]

Im 39 weeks & 2 days pregnant!
I’ve recently been thinking about getting back into shape after my daughter is born but i’m not sure on how to go about it.. I’ve heard there lots of things you can do, yet lots of things you can’t. I’m planning to breastfeed – but i want to loose weight preety fast, i know people say that breast feeding burns alot of calories in itself, but is there anything else i can consider?

thankyou :] xxx

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5 Responses to “How to loose weight quickly, yet healthily?”

  1. Tarynn said :

    Walking everyday and after you get cleared from your doctor do pilates it can help tone everything back up 🙂

  2. mommy2be *due feb.27* said :

    My Mom lost 35 pounds each time with me and my sister by breastfeeding, eating healthy (no junks!) which is important anyway to give your baby the yummy and nutritious breast milk it needs, go walking or running especially pushing that stroller around it can be quite the workout! I’m pregnant too and I think about how I’m gonna lose my baby weight all the time. Those are the tips my Mom gave me. Good luck and congrats you’re almost there =)

  3. darkfairy8486 said :

    well when i was trying to loose the last of the baby fat from my last pregnancy i ate a lot of subway it helped me shed most of the pounds away. then once u get the ok from your doctor do things like pilates or even yoga, i ate subway then did yoga every morning. i ate the better sandwhiches like buffalo chicken its spicy so i wouldnt recommend eating it since you plan on breast feeding but get like turkey and cheese ham and cheese then for sides get yogurt and u can get water as a drink if u prefer, they also have salads that are pretty good so they have alot of choices as well. if you do decide on trying yoga there is one video that i like which is a julian micheals video it has 3 and u just follow one of the women like easy medium and hard. it will get ur heart pumping lol. i hope this helps

  4. Ceirra said :

    i promice you if you rush the weight off it is bound to boomarang I PROMICE. loseing weight fast is never good for anyone just do some light exercising (when your ready and you’ll know) and eat healthy, so lotsa fruits and veggies if you eat a carb accompany it with a protien. if you were a healthy weight before you’ll be fine. BUT dont worrie about weight cuz seriously who cares for the first few months you wanna stay locked away with your baby anyway. dont worrie about weight to much theres more important stuff to be worrying about right now,, oh and CONGRAGULATIONS

  5. Pookie said :

    ya, wait tell after you have the baby then ask this question, its alot easier to say this now but when baby comes and your sleep deprived, and barely have time for yourself, your idea to loose this weight quick will be the last thing on your mind, and why rush around, its one thing to want to be healthy but its another that you want to loose this weight so quickly, it took your body 9 months to get to where it is now and its going to take a lot more time regardless of how hard you work at it to get back to your old figure, so get comfortable with the idea now that its just a fact of life and in the end you got the most beautiful present of all


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