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i need to loose weight fast and healthy, anyone know how?

I love food..who doesnt? I just need to learn how to say no to my cravings. anyone know how to get rid of my sides (loves handles) those are the worste thing on me. i weigh about 160 and i want to get down to about 140 or 145. y height is 5’5 1/2 and im 18. anyone know how to loose weight fast, and healthy?

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4 Responses to “i need to loose weight fast and healthy, anyone know how?”

  1. Lala said :

    Gee. I don’t know. Exercise. If you exercise enough without indulging in your cravings then you will start seeing results. If say you wont and that you have tried it before truth is you just did not try hard enough.

  2. Brianna S said :

    You can not lose weight fast and healthy. A healthy rate to lose weight is 1 to 2 pounds of week. But the first week weight will come off faster and then slow down. Cut back calories and increase your activity.

  3. LadyCatherine said :

    my mom would say do not eat after a certain time. most of the time that is around5 to 6pm.. drink a LOT of water. do NOT drink any cola drinks..

    if you lose it fast you might get sick and gain it right back and more.. but you can lose it faster if you just work harder at it..

  4. Rafael said :

    Here is an easy way to loose weight, and it worked really well for me (30 pounds hile holidays)


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