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has anyone lost weight by using weight loss tablets? do they really work and how do they work?

Are there side affects?
which one did you use?

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5 Responses to “has anyone lost weight by using weight loss tablets? do they really work and how do they work?”

  1. Scott said :

    this is what happens when you take them… (look at the lower part of the poster) –

  2. smile said :

    i have been there up & down
    and there was a time I did use some pills
    by a clinic with an examination of your health history
    then they recommended the pill
    I paid for a 2week supply and it took about 3mths
    to actually see the results, I was able to feel the change in
    about the month – you the waist area
    they reactions are kinda when you take an energy drink
    that you like .. dont remember the name
    at long as is medicated and surpervise by a dr

  3. Outspoken but Honest said :

    Waste of time nothing beats simple will power and perseverance.

  4. mona lisa said :

    Basically never take weight loss tablets unless they are prescribed by your gp,and if you want to loose weight the only way to do it is through diet and exercise.

  5. Don said :

    I have tried Adios (which was completely useless!) and I have just started taking Unique Hoodia tablets. I have only been taking them for a few weeks so it is probably to early to see any dramatic weight loss results, but my appetite has definitely decreased and I find I feel fuller quicker when eating my meals so I’m off to a good start.

    What kind of weight loss tablet did you want to go for? as I think there are a few different types out there. Iooked at fat binders such as Alli but didnt like the sound of the embarassing side effects you get with them, so I went for an appetite suppressant, as my problem is that I always feel hungry and find myself grazing constantly throughout the day.

    If you unsure, have a look at the review of the best weight loss tablets for 2010 here – as it might point you in the right direction.

    Good luck & Hope this helps x


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