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Has anyone lost weight using Herbalife products?

I’ve read testimonials but don’t know if they are genuine.

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10 Responses to “Has anyone lost weight using Herbalife products?”

  1. Jeff said :

    yes, it works quite well….it’s expensive though

  2. susie x said :

    Their products are made by the same people who make The Cambridge diets. Cambridge is much cheaper though
    It does work though, as does any diet…as long as you stick to it.

  3. vonmousecat said :

    I lost weight when I stopped eating crap all the time and sitting around..
    Its impossible to be fat if you’re vegan. Nearly.

    Stop eating hormone laden fatty meat, cheese filled with growth hormones, white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, preservatives.

    Stop eating crap, and you will be thin. Period.

  4. kirun said :

    If you are looking for info on Herbalife, there is a pretty good investigation here:

    Note that regulations have banned some formulas in certain places, make sure the testimonies are for the stuff you’re actually getting!

  5. Hala said :

    Yeh, i know 2 people who did it, yes they both lost loads of weight, BUT both of them had their hair fall out & both of them have put most of it back on again.
    Best way is the hard way, & drink pleanty of water.
    Good luck.

  6. jkack53 said :

    From experience all those diets are BULLSHIT ripoffs designed to take your disposable income. What you need to do to lose weight is change your lifestyle. Lower fat foods, smaller portions, more fruits and vegetables and exercise. Look, you don’t have to run marathons, but you need some common sense exercise. I am 54 and walk three miles 4 times a week. Takes about 40-45 minutes at a brisk pace. Also, the family bought a Wii and I play the sports package almost every night. I don’t sit on the couch and play; I get up and actually go through the physical actions of playing tennis, baseball or whatever sport is chosen. I beat the s*** out of my three teenages on a regular basis. Also, every once in a while you need to treat yourself to a night out at a restaurant, but be careful not to fall off that lifestyle wagon. Once you start to lose weight you begin to feel better and your metabolism will increase; then it will be even easier. Your step will be lighter and your self-esteem will skyrocket. I am 54 years old, 5’9″ and at my all time high was 255 pounds. I am now ant 185 pounds with about 10 or 15 more pounds to go. My waist was 46″ and my chest 48″ My chest is now about a 42″ and my waist a 35″.

    P.S Always eat Breakfast. If you don’t your metabolish slows down and will burn fewer calories.

  7. Margaret B said :

    Yes, I’ve lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks and went on to lose 10 lbs in total. I didnt have a lot to lose but I really shaped up. I found the products excellent and feel a lot better when I use them – which I do every day. I became a distributor and the more I find out about the products the more I like them. You can also become a distributor if you find they work for you. Contact me if you have any more queries. [email protected]

  8. fevb said :

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  9. Rumble Rollers said :

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