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How can I lose weight using slim fast?

I want to lose 21lbs, what’s the best way to use slim fast? will i lose weight by drinking 3 milkshakes 3 times a day?

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11 Responses to “How can I lose weight using slim fast?”

  1. Maz said :

    You should just go to the Slim Fast website. They have lots of tools there including menus and diet trackers.

  2. Josef N said :

    i doubt it. just try canging your diet, or what you eat on a regular basis. more vegetables and water are always good.

  3. greg said :

    you will probably lose weight, but you should eat vegetables too

  4. Adzi said :

    Slimfast milkshakes are a meal alternative and should be used in place of one meal.They’re also not too filling, so purchasing some healthy snacks to eat in between meals will help.

    You can use alternatives to slimfast (as it’s quite expensive) such as making a fresh salad with no dressing, or a dash of vinagrette and a healthy balanced dinner.

    Using slimfast for 3 meals is unhealthy as you wont be getting your RDA of fibre, protein and vitamins.

  5. devilish_liaison said :

    Try having a sensible 3 meals a day. Even divide into 6 little meals even to keep hunger down.

  6. Thorb said :

    adzi says it quiet well above, but ide like to add that, when i was taking slimfast just as an experiment, the so called reduced hunger was false in my opinion. i was still fucking hungry even when ide take 2 at a time lol. (good thing i didnt need to loose weight else ide have been pissed.)

  7. Renee B said :

    your only suppose to have either two shakes a day one with a sensabile meal at lunch and sensabile supper I am trying to loose weight and am on slim fast but I wouldnt do three shakes a day u might start straveing your body or not get enough food in your system

  8. Hammy42 said :

    go to an indian or pakistani store nearby ur house, and ask them for SAFI. it helps u to lose wait fast, by flushing out the garbage from ur body.

  9. rose said :

    I thought it was 2 milkshakes and one meal per day.
    I don’t really recommend that diet though as it’s not sustainable. 21 pounds is a lot to lose and i doubt you’ll be able to keep it up for that long. You will probably end up quiting. Another bad thing about them is when you’ve lose the weight, you’ll start eating normally again and put the lot back on.

    Why don’t you look at your diet and see what the main problems are and change them. Eating a healthy diet will last you a life time, it will be much easier to keep up, it’s not dangerous and the results will last.

  10. DOUGLAS C said :

    What really matters is whether or not you are burning off more calories than you are taking in. Slim fast is a fad-diet approach. Instead, I think you should make certain nutritional modifications (changes) to your own regular diet to develop a more sensible, everyday-lifestyle approach to eating. Include regular exercise! Good luck. Doug C. -USA -personal fitness trainer.

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