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am i over weight and should start dieting?

my granny nd mum and ppl at skwl have made hints that i am fat i personalu think i am but i just want to know i i truly am or not well

im 13 5″2and 6 and half stone is this right ?

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9 Responses to “am i over weight and should start dieting?”

  1. Dina M said :

    you’re not fat in the slightest i find it hard to believe anyone would call you fat unless it was a joke

  2. amy_xxxxx said :

    dont be stupid.
    your too thin not fat

  3. Christopher B said :

    omfg your fine babes.
    forget about what people say,
    your going to get taller,
    to get taller u have to put on a little bit of weight, remember your only 13!!!

    hope this helps.

  4. xx-Lucy-xx said :

    omg!! ur under weight not over weight!!
    seriously wel im 20 years old, 5ft 4 and weight 6 stone 11, and im always getting told im under weight.
    seriously theres no way ur over weight hunny!

  5. Hasina K said :

    Omg it’s obvious your not fat.
    If i was you i’d ignore them.
    Or tell them to visit the opticians to have their eyes checked lol.

  6. Rainbow said :

    no thats fine !!.
    dont get into dieting.
    it messes up your head.
    your pretty much perfect. for your age and height.
    just eat a healthily and you’ll be fine !


  7. Sunny!!! said :

    Don’t listen to them, obviously they are jealous of you because you are very skinny!

    In fact you are very skinny, too skinny in fact. If anything you should be putting on weight but don’t! Once you start puberty your body catches up with, especially your weight will catch up so just stay on your current diet.

    Hope I helped. xx

  8. Joshua Gasquet said :

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  9. Jamaal Lass said :

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