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I want to loose weight, but I love food so much!?

I want to loose weight but I need good food. Sometimes meals are the thing I look forward too all day. Its instant pleasure if you think about it and its not something you can quit cold turkey because you have to eat to survive. Also the amount people say I should eat doesn’t fill me. I’m still hungry afterwords.

Secondly I have been running on the treadmill 30min everyday for the last 3 months and that’s hard enough to do when you work. How much more should I run everyday and what other exorcises should I do?

Lastly does that throwing up thing work for dudes? I heard it messes up your throat how quickly does that happen? Because I was thinking I could do that until I get to like 190lb (I’m 250lb right now) and then stop. I know chicks get addicted too it but I figure that’s mostly teenage girls and they have a bad body image even if they are hot. I’m a short, fat, hairy guy so I think my ability to asses my body is pretty accurate.

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One Response to “I want to loose weight, but I love food so much!?”

  1. balam said:

    Take 1000 mg of caffeine with each of your meals and it will be burned off.


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