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How much weight will I loose?

Hello everyone. I really want to drop 20 pounds super fast wether it is unhealthy or not. Anyways I am going to do this for 1-2 weeks: Eat NOTHING, and drink TONS of water and unsweetend tea. My plan is to slim down very quickly, and then my stomach will shrink, so that when I go back to eating I will not eat hardly as much as I used to. And I will also be working out a lot. So my question is how much weight will I loose doing this for 1-2 weeks? And will I see/notice results? Please don’t tell me that this is unhealthy, please just answer my question, thanks!

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7 Responses to “How much weight will I loose?”

  1. Bouvedaire said :

    You could lose 20 pounds in those 2 weeks, but it’ll mostly be water. When you go back to eating, you’ll gain some of that back, of course.

    Watch out, though, for when you start back eating. You’ll be reminded of how tasty food is and you might overeat.

    Now, whether or not you see results depends on your body. If you’re like the 1,500lbs Mexican man and lose 20 pounds.. you won’t even notice. If you’re 80lbs and you lose 20, you’ll be on your way to death. But if you’re slightly overweight, you should see a difference in those two weeks. Just pop on the scale and see.

    Please, take care of yourself. ^_^

  2. honduran said :

    You have to do exercise. do lots of exercise mostly cardio.

  3. Elena said :

    your going to gain all the weight back immedietly
    because your body will store every bit of calories you put it because its in starvation mode
    it dosent matter hwo small your stomach is

    you really shouldnt exersize too much either because you could faint . youll also find your not going to have the energy to exersize, food is fuel for your body.

  4. floppyturtle said :

    You won’t see any results. You’ll lose weight for a couple days, then your body will go into starvation mode. Your metabolism will be ruined.

    Whether your stomach shrinks or not, when you start eating again you’ll start packing on the pounds because your previously starving body will try to hang on to every calorie you eat.

    The way to start losing weight is to exercise and eat small, healthy meals all day long. It will up your metabolism and your body will start burning fat. Switching from sugary drinks to water and unsweetened tea is actually a great idea, but you need healthy food as well. If you aren’t one of the many anorexics on this board and actually do need to lose weight, talk to your parents. They might be up for helping you with a diet, or maybe they’d even diet with you!

  5. Swax said :

    Just so you know yoru going to loose lots of muscle and you’ll be like a skinny blob… Eat at least 1,000 calories a day. and make sure you get at least 36 grams of protein in a day.

    If you ask me I don’t think you’d look any better because you’ll loose alot of muscle. You might even look worse. How about instead of eating as much as you are now and as little as you are planning it somewhere in between and if your dieing of hunger than just drink all that watter and unsweatened tea…

    Feel free to excersize but don’t go from doing nothing to doing everything. who knows maybe you just needed to excersize to loose fat and not the whole diet thing.

    Find someone who you think looks good and ask them what they eat and how they excersize. It’s not like you need to be the most healthy person in the world to look good.

  6. Generic Dropshipper said :

    our going to gain all the weight back immedietly
    because your body will store every bit of calories you put it because its in starvation mode
    it dosent matter hwo small your stomach is

  7. Gregoria Robbinson said :

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