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how quickly will i see results?

im 26 and i do no exercise except walk my dogs and i never have. i do have an active job but i dont go to the gym cos i get bored and no ill waste the fee. my friend has now offered me free gym sessions at his own gym. firstly how can i keep it interesting to keep me going back? secondly how quickly will i see result? i have a decent figure already but i would like to tone up more all over rather than loose actual weight. oh and how often shall i go? my friend will be personally training me so he will ive me the correct workout for what i need. but if i dont see results quickly ill get bored and not go back.

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One Response to “how quickly will i see results?”

  1. BlackSunshine84 said :

    You have a personal trainer. He’s going to decide your workout routine for you.
    I’d suggest taking it outdoors since you enjoy walking your dog. Try a 5k walk/run. Ride a bike. Join a sports team. Go hiking. Try rock climbing.


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