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Best possible way to lose weight with busy schedule?

How do I lose weight through exercising? I mean, I’m at school most of the time and the only time I have to exercise is on Sundays and mondays. We don’t have any equipment at home so what I’m planning to do is just exercise and eat the right kind of foods. But how will I lose weight if I only have 2 days of exercise? Any suggestions on what kind of exercises I should do? And what type of foods should I eat? I’m 17, girl, 110 pounds. I want to lose 10.

Please help me.

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2 Responses to “Best possible way to lose weight with busy schedule?”

  1. primrose said :

    First of all, reducing portion sizes and cutting back on drinks like soda will help you immensely. I lost 10 lbs just doing this.

    Also, a person only needs 20 minutes of exercise. You can’t fit this into your day? Even walking a mile or two in the morning/evening will help, just so you get yourself up and moving. You don’t need exercise equipment to work out. If you can manage, running would be a great way to loose weight as well. (Personally, I loathe running!)

  2. Brenda R said :

    You could drop 10 pounds in a week if you did the carb diet.
    Limit your carbs to under 15 a day.
    Eat eggs, butter, sausage, bacon, water, water, water, beef, chicken, shrimp…….
    It is the best diet out there


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