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Will too much cardio keep me from gaining muscle?

I do cardio in the morning and afternoon 5-7 days a week.Should I just do morning cardio and heavy weights 3 days a week to start gaining muscle? Also,will I be able to lose the little bit of fat I have left this way?

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2 Responses to “Will too much cardio keep me from gaining muscle?”

  1. Mike said :

    no unless you have minimal bodyfat and you’re already muscular cardio is better
    the more you do the better
    or you could try HIIT

  2. Beth said :

    yes it can
    to a degree, if you go way overboard it will make it impossible to gain muscles.
    just think
    of all the long distance runners and athletes similar to that… they are are lean and have very love body fat but think… how many of them have you seen with muscles? NONE

    Your routine seems fine though


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