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okay what is the best way to lose fat fast without gaining too much muscle?

okay so im a 18 year old girl. im looking for a good work out ruitine. i want to focus on my lower abs . upper arms. and inner thighs. my problem isnt eating too much. i want to lose the fat as fast as i can heathily of course. and not muscle wich would make me big

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4 Responses to “okay what is the best way to lose fat fast without gaining too much muscle?”

  1. mirasdad said:

    The answer is to do exercises with lots of repetitions but using very light weights. or no weights at all e.g. sit ups and crunchies. If you can get an incline board do sit ups on that. Also swimming is very good. Make sure you are eating healthily veg, oat bran, plenty of water etc. I am sure you are!

    Good Luck!

  2. SpeedMechanic said:

    Well the more muscle you have, the more energy your body will need, so you need some muscle. Toned women are sexy, but ripped women are not. You’re not gonna get big or ripped unless you workout A LOT. I would say definitely work with some light weights and calisthenics. Seriously unless you train like a full on athlete, you’re not gonna get gross looking muscles. You might get a slight bicep curve but it’s great looking to guys, as long as you don’t look like China the wrestler.

  3. help guru said:

    yo im a soon to be pro bodybuilder and im a licenced nutritionist and im a personal trainer so to anwser your question a good program depends on excactly what you want and how much you weight and how much bodyfat you have id be happy to help you set up a program you can email me at [email protected] you can have a great body in 8 to 12 weeks easily if you work hard and go on a good diet i have helped many people out so if you want some help just email me ok im sorry i cant anwser your question on here but id need to know your weight and bodyfat number to help you out better so if you want help just email me ok

  4. baha17 said:

    here is the hint, drink warm water instead of any hot drink and drink room temperature water instead of any soft drink and never use alcohol( maybe a white wine will not harm once a week).Try not to eat any junk food and fast food. That’s it.Just normal exercise; like slow running every day or at least 3-4 times a week. You will see how fast you lose weight…


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