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How can I lose fat in my hips/legs, without risking my boobs shrinking?

I am a sixteen year old girl, and I’m skinny, but I’ve always had a slight pear shape. I would love to lose the extra fat in my hips, butt, and legs, but I am too scared to exercise, because I know that one of the first places you lose weight is in your breasts (which are already small enough). Does anyone know what sort of workouts/diets I could do so this doesn’t happen? Or is it just a lost cause?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose fat in my hips/legs, without risking my boobs shrinking?”

  1. Animal_Lover said :

    Doing Sprints and lay on your side and lift your top leg and draw circles in the air. Stuff like that.

  2. MrsDelonge said :

    try excersicing your legs/butt… not losing weight because that way youll end up loosing weight everywehere… try biking.. =)

  3. sweetpea455 said :

    Do squats. My thighs and hips had some extra fat for a little while but i burned it all off by doing as many squats as i could every day. also, try going on walks or runs, as this works the muscles in your legs and causes you to lose weight after a period of time.

  4. Cathy said :

    usually, the rule is that you lose weight in the last place that you gained weight. at least that’s kind of the case for me now at 25. when i was your age, the first place I’d take off weight was on my lower tummy.

    the thing is, if it’s a lot of weight- like, more than a few pounds -then you’re going to lose fat from your whole body. not just one place.

    i wouldn’t worry about it. at your age, you’re probably still developing. and if you’re already skinny I seriously doubt that exercise is going to ruin your breasts.

    now. older women with really large breasts…they have something to worry about if they’re going to lose a lot of weight because their breasts end up sagging.

  5. Huey said :

    if you have time take a jog twice a day re frame from eating fatty foodz and 6 inch killers( where you lay on your back and lift your legs 6 inches from the ground strengthen your legs for your jogs) gud luck 🙂

  6. justina said :

    I have the same issue your boobs only shrink a size when you loose 50 pounds or more I lost like 20 pounds and I am 17. I lost it through volleyball its great for your legs. If u do ankle jumps[jump in one spot 100 times each morning]


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