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How can i run without gaining to much muscle?

i run everyday because im a little bit over weight. now im gaining muscle in my calfs and there are turning a little bigger with muscle. how can i lose weight, without gaining muscle?
i run about 2.7k

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8 Responses to “How can i run without gaining to much muscle?”

  1. David said:

    why worry about it? a little muscle is a good thing. can,t have it both ways.

  2. Mishaelle Ben shabat said:

    Run longer courses on a lower speed, or walk.
    Also, swimming ought to make you thin and build a long healthy muscle instead of puffing you up.

  3. Holden said:

    Just run =)

    Try not to do big jumps.

  4. F0908 said:

    i’ve got the same problem. i think the answer is to do somthing that dosent exersize your calves, because mine are way too musceley from running, but i cant think what. Maybey swimming?

  5. Noe Stevenson said:

    Colon cleansing is the latest technique to shed weight. Boffins have highlighted the point that not all unwanted weight is thanks to excess fat, a great deal of weight simply sits there in the insides, and all you have to do is rinse it out. has a risk free trial on currently, give it a try, you could shed as much as twenty lbs!

  6. Tim the hippie said:

    the more effort U have 2 exert will be displayed by muscle gain, I would instead of running go 4 a half hour or more walk daily!



  7. Pie said:

    muscle is good

  8. SarahlovesJack x said:

    If your fat, why are you even wanting to wear a bikini? You know what I mean. Im that fag of a mother, you 13 year old moaner.
    If you want to loose weight but not get any muscle, stop eating. Simple.


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