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When women lose weight will they always lose some weight from their breast?

I am in the process of losing 50lbs. Will I lose any weight from my breast?

Right now they are a D cup and I hate them.
I should put that large breast run in our family. My mother had reduction surgery when she was my age and she weighed about 150. Shes the same height as me and thats perfect.

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3 Responses to “When women lose weight will they always lose some weight from their breast?”

  1. ? said :

    yepers, I am almost 100 % sure you will
    I did.
    I went from a 38 D to a 36 B and that was after losing about 40 pounds.

  2. ProfessorK said :

    No, not always. It just depends on where your body tends to store fat. Whenever I’ve lost weight, I’ve never lost it from my breasts, much to my disdain!

    In general, the first place you gain or store fat will be the last place it comes off of. So, if you’ve always had larger breasts, then the weight probably won’t come off as easily, but if your breasts are large only because you’ve put on extra weight, then you’ll probably lose weight from there more quickly.

  3. ? said :

    Yes… when there is weight loss, genetically your body loses it generally overall, but everyone is a little different. Typically, the last weight to go on is the first to go. Since breasts are fat tissue, you will lose some from there.


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